1. The saga of the green lv pleaty continues. I listed it 3 times and couldn't sell it but lo and behold, here comes Flower (not her real name) looking for an off e-bay transaction. She inquired during the course of the auction and I told her no. Then she e-mailed me afterwards and I didn't bother answering. And here she is again!

    I'm tempted to tear her a new one -- if you wanted it, you should have bidded on it, you b%tch. More than that, I really want to report her. Has anyone ever reported one of these clowns?

    BTW, Flower sells fake handbags under her user ID.
  2. Ah, I would just block her, I wouldn't bother to respond to her anymore, she's taking up too much of your energy.....
  3. I'd probably be tempted to report her for trying to do deals off-eBay and for selling fakes, personally. :yes:

    I've never done the former, though.
  4. Did I really use the word "bidded?" I think the past tense of bid is simply bid. Augh.
  5. I'm with Chloe! That will teach her a lesson!
  6. lol, it's the emotion, restricter -- wreaks havoc on grammatical skills.

    you can report inappropriate e-mails to eBay -- i believe there is a link at the bottom of the eBay message. might get her thrown off, which is great if she's selling fakes.
  7. ^Totally agree, apparently ebay takes the off-ebay sales and the loss of fees more seriously than counterfeit sellers. I wonder why.
  8. I would simply report her and then relist it at a higher price......maybe then she will leave you alone.

    I have done that when I had watchers and no bidders, I raised the price $5 and it sold! go figure....