1. My dh and I lost 3 grandparents in the last two weeks. The last few days I've been receiving spam messages telling me I have 'inheritance' money to claim and the such!

    And I think of all those people that fall for those emails and end up losing everything, especially eldery widows!
  2. Ack! Are you sure it's because of this, or for some other reason?
  3. Well, I get 'spam' messages on occasion...esp. those annoying ones that tell the story of being a banker and I'm the only one that can help out the man who died and left all the money, yada, yada (those really long ones)
    But about 4 days after the deaths, I started getting different and very specific ones telling me to claim my money that is due to me as inheritance due to death of family members (they're short)! I couldn't believe it! I also don't know how 'they' (who is 'they'?) know so quickly?
  4. I am so sorry for you losses.
  5. Sorry for your losses. And I always get those spam emails.
  6. Good grief! I'm amazed at how low people can be sometimes! Additionally, it's a bit creepy..

    And very sorry about your grandparents~
  7. sorry about your grandparents!! my husband lost 3 of his grandparents w/in 3 months also...
  8. So sorry for your losses. Those spamers should be ashamed of themselves.
    :heart: Hugs
  9. Sorry for your losses. That's sick that you would get those e-mail, especially in a time like this. Is there any way you can report those spamers?
  10. I am very sorry for these sad events that have touched your lives.

    Most likely, someone, in the fog of grief, put the email address on some form or other. Even the companies to whom we turn and put our trust in the saddest of times are in business to make money, and email addresses and telephone numbers are a profitable business.
  11. My condolences for your losses. I'm so sorry you're being targeted- that's a low-life thing to do.
  12. WOW..so sorry for your loss!
    I bet they scope out the obituaries in the paper..They are sickos.....
    I remember that happening when my grandfather died years ago..yuck
  13. THank you everyone for your kind words (it was a lot to take in in a short amount of time)...and understanding my angst at the audacious emails! Pond scum!
  14. Omg this is really sad...I hate spam emails they deserve to die, especially when you are going thru a difficult time...
  15. Very sorry for your loss Mshel.
    Jill I really think this is what they do. When my Grandfather died my Grandmother started to receive TONNES of letters from Real Estate Agents about selling her house for her!