Un Apres Midi de Chien

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  1. #1 Oct 15, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2010
    Does anybody know whatever happened to these bags? Does anybody know of a retailer that is not online? I know they have a few styles out there, but at one point they had this one style that came in everycolor under the sun. Well, I had a navy one and have lost it :sad: I think a family member borrowed it. It was a fantastic winter bag as it was made from nylon.

    Here is a photo:


    I like this bag so much I am hoping to find a replacement. I found this beige one I am posting, but I suddenly have four beige bags...

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  2. I saw some on the Yoox sample sale yesterday. Otherwise, I don't know where to buy this brand anymore.
  3. Thanks! I know they used to come in a rainbow of colors. I am looking for a nylon bag for winter that is somewhat fashionable and I was hoping to find a wine or dark blue. I like these bags because some of their models have a little bit of a Bal vibe.

    I think I might end up going with MZ Wallace instead, but there are just a few too many pockets on her bags so I am still searching.