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  1. Y'all were right, this PCE thing IS out of control.
    It was suggested last time and then this time again that we have a specific thread dedicated to ALL THINGS PCE.
    Well, for whatever reason, people aren't using it so much{?}
    PLEASE use that sticky I made for you, I wish I had enough time to remind everyone and post a link in EVERY thread but I can't. And I won't anymore, any random PCE threads will just be closed.
    Sound fair?
    It's not right that the majority uses it and some people don't. . . for consistency, we'll just close loose PCE threads for now.
  2. I think that's the best thing to do. Sorry you're having to do all this extra work.
  3. thanks for the concern. i totally agree.
  4. it was okay at first :biggrin:
    But I can't count how many threads I closed w/ a link today or merged. . .
    no big deal, just fair warning! :yes:

    Maybe some people didn't notice the sticky, but hopefully they see this request:tender:
  5. Sounds great to me all these extra threads is clogging up the board!!
  6. if you see a few not closed, chances are they posted prior to the sticky, so those are okay:yes:
  7. sorry your having to do extra work
  8. amen sister!! three cheers for swanky!! :party:
  9. we love ya swanky!

    told you it was crazy in here around pce!!! :p
  10. What's PCE? I am clueless!!
  11. preferred customer event. easy explanation: coach sends 25% off cards to a few of their preferred customers.
  12. Thanks for keeping up with all of these...I know it's a lot of extra work!
  13. It's just like people in dept. store (I'm a sales assoc.) they never READ THE SIGN! So people that come and post about PCE don't read the thread titles and realize it's where it should go.

    IDK what I was getting at.
  14. DOH!

    There's a whole thread dedicated to it... read it....

    Not you kallison...
  15. haha. i know. i think i know pce just as well as the sa's. sigh.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.