1. I don't know what to say :wtf:

  2. I'm speechless too :wtf::roflmfao:
  3. Where did you see those awful things? lol
  4. My DH emailed me the photo...I guess this is a rub at my shoe addiction!
  5. OMG... wow?????? I am so confused lol
  6. If those had a red sole, I would be all over them. :roflmfao:

    I'm scared! Those look like high heeled flippers for diving!
  7. :wtf:
  8. fugly
  9. Wow! What planet is this?
  10. I guess a girl needs to be prepared for the next big flood.:blink:
  11. haha. i have no words for that ....
  12. OMG....bwuahahahahaha!
  13. LOLOLOLOLOL. WOW. Speechless!

    What in the...? Nevermind. lol
  14. To look glamorous swimming
  15. Just found my new beach shoes!:throwup: