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  1. #1 Jun 4, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2016
    Well how do I begin this .. I let my SM know what colors I was interested in mostly blues like blue nuit or colvert and would take Etain in a heartbeat and if all else failed black kelly 32 but it had to be ghw. So today hubs and I popped into say hi and pick up a few things on hold when she brought up the subject of which colors I was interested in again. I mentioned all the above but then I remembered my hubs saying he liked bleu saphire and I agreed after looking online that was a beautiful blue too. She gathers everything up and says I think I have something you might like.... So she takes me to a table with 2 big boxes sitting on it ...The first one still has the shrink wrap still on...and ever so carefully out comes the Bleu Saphire Sellier 32 Kelly GHW!!! And then she showed me the cobalt togo retourne 32Kelly GHW! I was torn! I know ... it was a no brainer! ;) so guess which one is coming home next week?!! Ok this wont let me post multiple pix at one time im sooo sorry! Here is the cobalt..

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  2. #2 Jun 4, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2016
    The bleu saphire sellier ghw..For you my friend EL4bags!

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  3. Congrats! I'd pick the blue sapphir Epsom GHW! I have one and love it so much
  4. And one more of the bleu saphire..

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  5. Btw, you look great in both! So you won't go wrong with either one :smile: good luck deciding!
  6. Thank you so much joanneminnie!:blush: I think I was a bit overwhelmed and trying to talk myself out of it but hubs put his foot down -even he was impressed!:love:
  7. Its so nice to have two for compare....

    Lol i love saphir but i prefer retourne myself

    My bet is you took cobalt home hahhaha

    Either one is special...
  8. Thank you DizzyFairy! It was a little hard to decide in that I always thought retourne was/is the leather for me too! They are each special in their own way and if I could have I would take both!
  9. I love Cobalt. It's a perfect blue for blue jeans. But you can't go wrong with either one.
  10. Wow! great options to have. Congrats! Cant wait to see which you decided upon.
  11. You really can't make a wrong choice, both bags look great on you. But I adore the BS sellier kelly.
  12. The Sellier is so special....
  13. Both are equally beautiful! Congrats on whichever bag you pick 😄😄😄
  14. I like the blue sapphire!!!!
  15. Blue sapphire sellier is more formal elegant while the cobalt retourner is more casual chic so it just depends on what look you are going for! either way, they are both beautiful and will be enjoyed for long long time!! 😊

    I am guessing you want the formal elegant look 😁