ummm, what is patina & what is vachetta

  1. ...maybe I should know by now . ..
    (after thousands spent in LV Boutiques!)
  2. I am so glad u asked this question b/c I am wondering the same thing :smile:
  3. LOL - good question
  4. Patina is when the vachetta leather trim, straps, and handles on the monogram purses change from pale to honey tan in color.
  5. Vachetta is the 'raw' untreated leather trim on mono and mc bags.

    Patina is what happens to it as it ages and goes from the light color to honey, to finally darker color.
  6. So...
    Vachetta is the bread.
    Patina is the toast.
    ?? :yes: ??
  7. nyria you crack me up :p
  8. :yes: :yes:
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  10. what is it caleed when it gets filthy? lol
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  12. Good definition :yes:
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  14. How long does it take? it seems like my speedy will NEVER turn...
  15. Does the rate of patina slow down if you keep your bag in its dust bag and box????? I don't want mine to go dark brown..