Ummm...Uh-Oh....This can't be...

  1. I was checking out LT's site and then I was scoping out his auctions. I usually check his last feedbacks to see what I missed out on :p

    Then I noticed that he got 2 negative feedbacks recently from a buyer. The guy said the bag in question was fake :wtf:

    I couldn't believe it at first b/c LT is top-notch real...So I looked at the bag that the guy claimed was fake.

    I'm not a Mono Mini expert (even tho I got a Joséphine GM for my mom :love: but still, correct me if I'm wrong ) but isn't the inside of the Joséphine PM Cerises supposed to be pink :confused1:

    Maybe LT, while doing consignment, mixed a fake one with a real one? :shrugs: If true, I'm sure he didn't know that it was fake, I'm certain of it...

    LT's Joséphine PM Cerises:

    Another eBay auction:

    Not-Pink inside on another auction:

    So what's the real colour of the Joséphine PM's inside? Beige or Pink? Or was it one colour, and then another?

    I still can't tell what's 'suspicious' about LT's bag since I totally suck at telling fakes from real bags apart. (Plz John, we need your expertise!)
  2. It looks pink in Let-trades auction to me!?! Just the flash makes it look lighter. :shrugs:
  3. yeah...looks pink to me too!
  4. I've seen two versions of the interior of the Mono Mini Josephine in Cherry - light light pinkish and more pink.

    Maybe the buyer had remorse? :shrugs:
  5. Yup. Looks pink to me too.

    I'm thinking it was buyer's remorse too... when I was selling my white MC iPod case, a buyer backed out and was claiming that LV never made such thing and it was fake. :wtf:
  6. ITA.
  7. ^^ YIKES! :wtf:
  8. This person bought 3 things, left a positive feedback for the josephine then brought the bag to the store and they said it was fake. That's why this person left the feedback on the graffiti keepall feedback.
  9. I just read the -ve feedbacks and are confused. Looks like she hit BIN on the two items just to leave -ve feedbacks as she bought them on the 5th.Jan and she left the negs on the same day.:confused1: eBay Member Profile for let-trade
  10. I agree.
    I don't think let-trade's feedback will be affected anyway, unless that bidder pays for those two items!

    This bidder also bid on LT's pink CB papillon! Checked the auction again...looks like his bid has been cancelled!
  11. :wtf: :sweatdrop: Good detective work Karman!:supacool: This bidder's for sure a seller's worst nightmare:yucky:

    Bidder Action / Explanation Date of Bid and Retraction orig_or_nothing[​IMG]( 6 ) [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Cancelled: US $1,400.00
    Explanation: buyer try to destroying my auctionBid: Jan-05-07 07:33:39 PST
  12. I think a LOT of times not just with LT but with a lot of sellers, the feedback comments that claim a bag or something is fake is simply left as a retaliatory comment/buyers remorse etc. I've noticed this a lot with some of the auctions posted in the authentication forum as well.
  13. I think the auction winner was threatening LT to leave bad feedback and didn't pay...and LT didn't cave in. Eeeh paypal chargebacks really suck for sellers.
  14. The same thing with the josephine in Navy - remember someone asked about the inside - seeing it in a darker blue and another saw it in a lighter off white interior and I thought it came down to where the purse was made, which determined the interior of the Jospehine for example - doesn't anyone else recall this....or it is just me, I do recall reading something about this not too long ago....I highly doubt the purse in question is a FAKE!
  15. Yeah - sounds like someone's just trying to bring him down - great detective work PF-ers ! :p