Ummm someone tell me in dreaming!

  1. Catwoman T-Bars.

    Oh my oh my what I would do for a pair of these!!!..... Too bad my size is long gone.
    CL's.jpg CL's II.jpg
  2. They are beautiful! Why don't you try a size up or down from your size?
  3. Well I normally wear a 6.5 & the next size up they have is a 8!!!:crybaby:So sad
  4. Wow!
  5. Where did u find them?
  6. I ordered these and they are running TTS according to my little helper at NAP. No sizes around there left?
  7. ^^^Also, contact them and ask them to notify you should a return come back. And, some sizes are showing as sold out b/c they are on pre-reserve for other customers. They have until Friday to make the purchase. Otherwise, they will be released again so I would check back on Friday. But, your best bet is contacting them and letting them know you are interested in a particular size.
  8. wow these look amazing but I think the heel would kill me!
  9. I hate how NAP's smallest size is 36... :crybaby:
  10. There's a wait list at CL Bev Hills and they are gettin them in nude!:tup:
  11. Patent nude?