Ummm... someone is using my collection photos on ebay!!!

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  1. Isn't it against ebay policy or something to do that!!?? I was searching thru the l.a.m.b on ebay and something caught my eye.... Because it was my freakin lesportsac collection picture! Now does that mean that they are selling a knockoff?! Why use someone else's pic?

    What can i do about this? I'm so pissed!
  2. Report them to ebay and always watermark your pics in an area that they can't crop out without destroying the pic.
  3. ^^ So should i ask the seller to take my pic down? I'm so mad i just want them to know that i caught them!
  4. Yes you can tell them to take them down or you will be forced to report them to ebay, however, I'd report them anyway. They may be selling fakes with your pics.
  5. I shall then!! I'm reporting them! I know it has to be a knockoff for the simple fact that they are using someone elses(my) pictures for their item.

    Thank you very much for the advise varied_obsessions!
  6. Let us know what happens. If they don't take them down, Ebay can end the auction early. he he he
  7. I'll keep you posted! I really hope it's not a tpfer...:nogood:
  8. Report.
  9. Thanks everyone. I'm going to do that right now. I'm not going to let them potentially con someone into buying a possible fake.
  10. Don't have to inform seller, just report.
  11. This happened to me once. I contacted the seller and told them to remove my pictures and I also reported them to Ebay. They didn't remove my pictures so Ebay removed the auction! Definately report them!
  12. Ugh lambiepie I can't believe someone did that! PM me the link and I'll report them too!
  13. Report them for sure. I had someone steal a pic of my Chanel earrings (there were 3 pairs in the pic, they edited it Paint and drew an arrow pointing to the pair they were "selling"). The bidding got way up there too, I was so mad...I reported it then ebay took it down. From then on, I learned my lesson and watermark absolutely everything now. Sometimes I think I go overboard but oh well.
  14. wow what a thing to find. this would make me furious....
    how sneeeeeaakkkkkky!!
    Let us know what ebay says / do....
  15. Ok so i contacted ebay... at first they said i couldn't do anything about it unless they had stolen it from my own auction! WTF?! So after having a few words with them they said if i could send them the link from my original posting with the pic that they would take it down. That's more like it! I also let the seller know that they were using my pic and if they didn't remove it i would be contacting ebay. Well, it's still up there. Of course.

    It's amazing how ebay is you know? The thing that makes me furious, other than having my pic stolen, is that they say they can't remove it unless it was taken from my auction, so it's like saying oh it's ok if they are selling a fake...? It's like the crooked people are more backed by ebay then the honest sellers. Idk... It's pretty sad.

    Anyways i would post the link to my pic but i don't know if i can... can i? Is that allowed?