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  1. Sorry, can't do it, I love the shade of green and the leather, just from the pics!! Let's hope someone else will do the job lol
  2. I like this one better than the Tano you posted...It is more simple and chic.
  3. I agree that the Tano bag is much better.

    I think it's time for you to log off the computer and go for a walk or do something else to defeat this bag brain! We all get it from time to time, but remember your desire to scale down and really enjoy what you have. You're suffering from shiny object syndrome--too many pretty things are tempting you--so go do something else for awhile! Hugs hugs!
  4. I know you mentioned previously that you were buying too many bags, so I'd recommend waiting. Give it a week, and think. You may be over it by then.
  5. i love the green and think it's very wearable. the style looks practical too! plus gorgeous gunmetal hw :heart: this is my fav out of the 3 choices u have listed ... the only thing to hold me back is that it's quite expensive at $625 :sweatdrop:
  6. "shiny object syndrome" cracks me up!

    im in a boring meeting so im on

    remember my ONE exception to my ban is an awesome army/military/camo bag!!! is that ok? i don't have one!!!


  7. oh i definitely can't afford it right now!!!

  8. lol so that settles :P save and look out for sale and by then maybe u'll have already move onto drooling over another fab bag :greengrin:
  9. i just looked up that bag on the company website...

    ...and it seems so much ** less ** sexy, cool in these shots!!!

    im already over this bag :smile:

    sorry to drive you all nuts!
  10. good for u :yes:
  11. OK - it's McQueen and not cheap. What do you think about this camo bag? :smile:

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  12. That is seriously gorgeous, I really like it! But I got a serious case of sticker shock syndrome going on, lol...