Ummm, my friends think I'm crazy

  1. My best friends have not yet embraced the Balenciaga phenomenon, and think I'm crazy for spending 1K on a bag. I don't want to believe them. Have I lost me marbles? Am I alone? :sad:
  2. It's easy for me to rationalize spending this much money on a bag for these reasons:
    1. With the right treatment it can last a lifetime
    2. Resale value if you don't want to keep for a lifetime
    3. Can be worn everyday if you want to

    The end.

    ps, I've emailed you :yes:
  3. If you're crazy, then we all must be;) !

    B bags are addictive! Once you have one you can't stop.
  4. My friends think I'm insane too. If only they knew how much the real price was.. (I always knock off a couple hundred dollars.. haha) But I agree with Winona- it's very easy to rationalize Balenciaga bags. They're so useful, will last a lifetime, and are just absolutely gorgeous!
  5. Bbags pretty much go with everything and always look spectacular. I don't know too many bags that can be worn day or night with or without a scarf tied to one of the handles. I have one and can't stop thinking of buying another. Yeah, I guess to the average person spending 1k on a bag is crazy. I'm just not average, I'm Rockstar!
  6. Woohoo! I'm Rockstar, too! Love it! VERY inspiring!!!!! :roflmfao:
  7. dont worry... some of my friends think im insane too, but it totally makes me happy! so no need to worry!!!!!
  8. my friends are the same - they think i'm crazy to even think about spending that amount of money on one thing. I haven't got aby bbags, but i intend to once i can afford it, and if it lasts a long time, which they do, then they're worth it. :smile:
  9. You're not alone. You're amongst your kind :P
  10. I'm so happy to have found this site and group of passionate bag lovers who ~understand~ me!! :amuse:

    Not many of my friends know about bags...the comment I hear the most from my pals when I carry my paddy is "what do you need that big lock for?"
  11. I'm dying for a b-bag, but I'm holding off to think about it a bit more because of the price. My advice is either you have the cash, but its a guilt issue, given their resale value (and their addicitive nature) go for it.

    Or you need to save for one, in which case after a few months you'll either still really want one or not, but you will have $1,000 to spend/save. In my case, I could use some friends with designer habits, i.e. my friend was all excited that she bought "designer" shoes - they were $200 Fluevogs (sp?). I don't know anyone who buys Prada or those types of "designer" shoes - well except for me and the ladies here!

    I may go against the flow here, but I don't think its appropriate to spend $1,000 on a bag without having savings and having a good income coming in, unless you've got a trust fund coming. I know there are those who disagree, its just IMO.
  12. ^^ I think I agree with you. Being a student, I can't really spend $1,000 on a bag now, but once I have a steady income and savings, then maybe it'll be different :smile:
  13. in the long run, my b bag habit should be my worst addiction! if you guys read the hermes section, you will feel better!
  14. Most of my friends are not into designer handbags. But, that's fine. They know I'm not shallow, so it's not an issue. I think some of them are more amused than anything else because it seems so hard to fathom.
  15. Check out all of the bag showcases and you'll see you have plenty of company!;)