Ummm, is this a new low for me????

  1. Next year is my 10th wedding anniversary. DH suggested a trip somewhere fun in the Carribean right after we make a stop in Florida for a family reunion (and to drop off the kids for a week - yipeeeee....hehe):wlae:

    He mentioned Grand Cayman and asked me to look up some places. Of course, the first thing I do is check out the H website to see if there are any boutiques there. NOPE - BUT, I found 2 others!! One in St. Barths and the other in St, Maartin/St. Martin. So what do I do? I start playing up the "other" attributes of these two little islands (fine dining, nice resorts..yada yada):wtf::rolleyes:
    And WHY did I do this? Studies and experience has shown that my DH is a big vacation spender. While he is much more consevative at home, as soon as he gets off of a plane, something shifts in his brain. His mind clouds. His wallet mysteriously opens. His sense of reason is seriously compromised.
    I don't know why but I've learned to "work" with this.

    Anyway, was this wrong of me? Have I hit a total new low with my little suggestions?

    Also, OTT, but anyone have another fave Carribean island?
  2. OMG, you are awesome, GT.....if my husband's wallet had that 'vacation effect' that yours does, i'd be doing the EXACT same thing :smile:

    in fact, we have a trip to oahu planned for next never knows.... :smile:
  3. Yes.:p But I must add, it's ingenious.:idea:
  4. That is exactly what I would do, uh, have done.....
  5. It's strategy. :yes:
  6. I don't think it is a low, per se. The key to a happy marriage is knowing how to work with your partners quirks, without outright manipulating them. You know that he relaxes and "enjoys" spending while in relaxing mode on vacation so it would be less stressful for him to make H purchases while on vacation than when handling the 9-5 grind that home life is. Okay I am rationalizing for you!

    Give and take baby! You will have a better time with decent shopping as well and we all know when us wives are having a good time, we make sure the hubbies are having a "good" time!
  7. No, it's not a low.... it's multitasking at it's best.
  8. :yes::p:yes::heart:

    It's a vacation and going somewhere wehre there just happens to be an H boutique is smart. I am sure you will go shopping somewhere - might as well be the somewhere you enjoy most!
  9. I absolutely agree :graucho:
  10. gt, my husband is the same way. we are going to oahu instead of our other fav islands because h is there! i tell him exactly why only because he knows me so well and probably figures it out anyway.
  11. My DH is the same! :heart: their brains switch sides! :graucho: GT, Congrats on the 10 yrs that is coming up! Girl, yes, sell the other 2 islands! You deserve it! ;)

  12. I know why I love TPF ;) I learn to strategize and multi-task better :p:graucho:
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    You're asking US???? World class enablers???

    Of course it is not wrong!!! Not if he will enjoy himself (and of course he will also enjoy that lovely post-Hermes afterglow that you will be basking in as well.....)
  14. I think your altruism should be congratulated. You're helping him, GT. He wants to open his wallet on vacation and shower you with goodies and you're assisting him with this. I think truly you're very thoughtful. :graucho:

    Can't wait to see what happens!!! :nuts:

    :drool: :drool:
  15. Low? Are you kidding? It's a WORLD-CLASS NEW HIGH! Congratulations on a brilliant plan.