Ummm is Barneys making the same mistake as neimans with louboutin prices???

  1. Those are probably sale prices.
  2. usually they say sale when they are sale prices. but who knows
  3. LOL I thought that too, but then another gal I chat with verified that they were sale prices and that one of the pairs..the lace one she saw at Barneys for $135 or something crazy.
  4. thats crazy i wish we had good sales in vancouver
  5. ha yeah, no Barney's here, but they seem to have really good sale prices

    I lived across the street from a COOP, and I never saw sales like that though.
  6. hey Angelie- how did you find these shoes? I was able to see the pink and black lace ones through your link, but if I just look under Barney's Louboutin tab, I can't find them.
  7. ^^^they should be in the regular search for Louboutin. I found them last night in the Louboutin category, not sale, just "main floor shoes"
  8. for me they were on the last page of the shoe section
  9. The first pair is to die for! Wish I could justify buying them!
  10. Our Barneys is set to open up this fall if I remember correctly.
  11. Yeah, blackbird, it's supposed to be Sept. 19th in SF. Can't wait!

    I like those prices Angelie!
  12. its definitely a mistake, if you look at the list by designer - the flat maryjane is listed as 540 -- so use those links and buy them quick !
  13. They are not a mistake. That is actually the sale price. There was quite a few left at the Barneys Warehouse Sale and they were selling it for $136. 40% off the original sale price which was $340.
  14. I love the first pair!