Ummm...I thought I didn't like the BLEECKER...

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  1. But something happened….I blacked-out somehow and these items were in my house! MYSTERIOUS

    Hi forum, WOW it feels like I haven’t been here in ages! Well, I have been looking at the Coach catalogs nothing was grabbing me, still hoping ALI shows back up. Anywho, I was really giving the thumbs down to the Bleecker. :tdown: Why the thumbs down?? No front pocket like the Ali, …..hmmm that is pretty much it :shrugs: ((ALI forever!!!))

    So a buddy of mine, mentioned someone at the forum had this one, and it peaked my interest:
    So I paid a visit a store to see it. Why, did I think I could visit a Coach boutique and just walk out …empty handed? Sigh…this one caught my eye: I think it was the (HARDWARE) that mesmerized me! :love:
    and I also think that Tattersall print is growing on me .....(((I thought I would ONLY LOVE Legacy stripes, FOREVER!))) What is happening to me???

    Psst: I think I am in SERIOUS like with the Bleecker....but don't tell my Whiskey Ali, she will NOT understand!!!
    ComparingThem.jpg SizingThemUp.jpg IThinkIBlackedOut-REALLY.jpg 2PocketsOnTheBack-OMG.jpg IThoughtIOnlyLikedLegacy-Whathappened.jpg
  2. Very cute!! Bleeker is starting to grow on me a little too....
  3. I saw the Bleecker line in person today and thought it was much nicer in person. So much so I am contemplating an ink Duffle.

    Congrats on the new goodies!
  4. I likey! It was good to see that size comparison. I have been contemplating the new shoulder flap, but when that laced Bleecker came out...hmmmm hardware! It doesn't look much smaller. Congrats on your purchase!
  5. Great pics! It's a pretty bag, and it looks like it will be in some very good company!
  6. It does seem like you have quite a bit of the bleecker stuff in your house! I love it all!! Congrats!!
  7. great bleecker, congrats!!
  8. I love all of your Bleeker Stuff. I own the very same Bleeker Laced Flap and it is gorgeous. I have been carrying it for a week now. I also have a Bleeker Wine Wristlet and a Wallet. I do love your accessories. I know how you feel about you Ali's as I own three of them but the Bleeker is a nice addition. I know that you will love this bag as I do. Congrats!
  9. Nice stuff. I can't wait to see the bleekers in person.
  10. Beautiful choices. Is the bag very heavy? I love the size but I can't carry a bag that starts out over 2 pounds. I bet they look fantastic on you. Congrats!
  11. Eep! I LOVE the trim!!!! *snuggles it*
  12. THANKS for the support! I know not everyone is a fan of the style ...but I am carrying her today!! I just love her...since I kept thinking I was buying for my Ali ....I purchased that HUGE tattersal beauty case, which I love, but the beauty case is too big for my LACED BLEECKER (Laci)....I may have to return it.

    The leather on this purse feels really different, not to mention this color..

    HEAVY??? What does that mean? LOL The hardware on the strap might be heavy for some...but it is ALL GOOD for me!!!
  13. The Leather on the Bleeker Laced Flap is TDF. It is decadent like a fine piece of chocolate. The hardware is heavy but it is all good for me too. Who cares. I love my bag.
  14. Oh I love those!!! Very pretty! Congrats!
  15. i am in luv with that plaid coach top hand pouch i want that bag so much and when i was at lord and taylor i saw that coach used teh plaid print on their sneakers and r so reasonable i am def going to pick up those sneakers .... i just luve that line so much and that leather on the small bleecker belted flap shoulder bag is just so lovely i think i may be going back to coach as my favorite although i still luv dooney ....