ummm i think someone hacked my account?!?

  1. okay so a while ago i went to go log onto tpf and it said that my password was wrong, I had never changed it and i log on all the time so i know i didnt change it and forget, luckily i recovered my password through my email, BUT i just went log onto my gmail account (the corresponding email to my tpf account) and the password on there was changed as well. And i cant re-log in.

    It doesnt seem like anything has been done on either accounts.

    I changed my email account, i went to go through yahoo and oddly my user id was already taken which was odd cause its an unlikely user id. i thought maybe i signed up for the account, but none of my passwords worked.

    my caps lock isnt on or anything like that.

    i have a new account now, but im scared. who would log into my stuff and change the password and then not do anything, im scared to think of what other of my accounts have gotten broken into.

    idk what to do, theres no way this could happen without someone intentionally doing it correct? and how would anyone get access to my stuff

    thanks guys.
  2. Contact all the providers you're worried about (mail, banks etc) and let them know NOW! Do this for anything you have the same password for... and change the ones that are different for good measure.

    If nothing's happening, I wouldn't worry too much, but change those passwords all the same!
  3. ^ Oh yeah, I remember a tPFer had her account hacked not long ago. The hackers used her ID to post spam sites and she had to get Vlad to change her username. Seems like they just wanted to use her ID to sell stuff. Why they didn't just sign up themselves and post their website, I have no idea... And I don't know how they did it either!
  4. You need to send a PM to Vlad :yes:.

    He can look into things for you.