ummm huh? DVF?

  1. So i was shopping for a quick gift at Marshalls (they have the cutest knick nacks to throw in gift baskets) and i came across a stunning suitcase...ive been looking for one and i was like oh cool its only $ i picked it up and came home...i started looking it over and its a Diane von Furstenberg

    get this, its a limited edition that retails $425.00!!! I was checking it out online haha ok i couldnt find a pic of it besides this:

    Its a beautiful blue color with white leather trim and the white iconic design!

    yes it kind of looks like the one the barbie is carrying...i feel SOOO nieve, because well first off, i cant spell that word and second i didnt even know WHO DvF WAS!!!!! But it looks like i got a great deal!!!!!

    Are you guys huge fans?? am i just dur dur durrrrrrr?
  2. I always see her clothing line at Saks. I have a few of the luggage pieces. I got hot pink ones, which should be even better for Barbie :p. I only used them once, so can't tell you if the brand holds up well.
  3. I didn't know she had a luggage line but I love her dresses and I own a few tops, they're always soo cute and had have details that make the shirt stand out IMO.

    By the way the luggage is cute. I need to start hitting Marshalls and TJ Maxx as my luggage has been beat up too much and I will want new luggage for my trip to Europe this fall :yahoo:
  4. most of my luggage is DVF and it's held up really well so far.
    it's also really nice when I'm at the airport waiting at baggage claim...I can easily ID mine apart from everyone elses as it comes down the conveyor belt.
  5. DSW also often has her luggage line.
  6. i love my DVF :smile: great score!!!
  7. good score..although i always see DVF luggage at marshall's and tuesday morning. most of the hype around DVF is with her wrap dresses (nice, but a little pricey).
  8. I love her clothes. Cute luggage!!
  9. TJ Maxx had some DvF luggage when I was there yesterday. I didn't even look at the prices. I should probably go back now. :smile:
  10. hehe thats so awesome....its so funny because i didnt even know who she WAS!!! Until i got home and i saw her tag you know the manufactures suggested retail (which was listed at 450!) and i was like woahhhh i gotta check this out!! haha how funny!

    THANKS you guys!!! Im glad it holds up well, honestly the bag is so freakin cute i dont care hahaha...but now i must search for her clothes...from what ive seen (and heard) the wrap dress is a MUST have from her!!! Off to Saks i gooooooooooo!!!!!
  11. I also have a DVF wrap dress...they're so comfortable and easy to just throw in a bag and go. They won't wrinkle!
  12. Fantastic bargin, well done you.
  13. DVF luggage should hold up well. I know her clothing does. Rather I think it should.

    Some of the TJ Maxx's here carry her luggage too.
  14. i love her clothes but never managed to pay attention to her luggage or handbags...
    but that's quite cute :p
  15. Love her dresses... but didn't know she had a luggage line... cute bag, great deal!