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  1. I think the sweet nail job is my favorite part, btw
  2. what's hit rock bottom? her boobs? :biggrin:
  3. I think that's a really old pic back when she was in the beginning of her pregnancy. Because that's when she colored her hair like that and got extensions to match :P
  4. she used to be so pretty...
  5. She's looked way worse then that! She just needs a hair-cut and a bra!
  6. Eucci, you hate D&B? I don't like them much either...
  7. HATE D&B.
    Wish I could single-handedly shut down the company for the alleged 'designs' they inflict upon the world. :biggrin:
  8. I can't get the site to pull up. Can someone post the picture?
  9. I've definately seen her look a LOT worse. This actually might be an improvement. Not good, but a little better.
  10. oh wow, I got the picture to pull up today and OMG. the first thing that comes to mind is: "Attention Walmart Shoppers!"
  11. Why are you guys making fun of her? yes she looks not as glam as she used to before. She used to look BEAUTIFUL..but that happends alot to women when the get children,they let themselves go. I read in a article she is past her younger years,and right now she just wants to be a mom. Also its not her fault that the paparazi follow her,and stalk her 24/7... how would you feel when you have a an off day there are people following,and infront of your house in the morning to get a picture of you?. That still doesnt give her a exuse to walk around braless..
  12. don't become famous if you don't want the bagage to follow. I am a mother and I may not be the size 4 I was before, but I never let myself go. I'm actually more into myself now than I ever was. All of it is her fault and her choice. No one desided for her but herself. I don't feel sorry for her at all.
  13. and she let herself go WAY before she had children, so don't blame it on that. barefoot at a gas station bathroom with a bag of cheetos, anyone?

    i agree, she made a concious choice to pursue fame and be in the public eye, it's not like it was thrust on her unwillingly.