umm what size heel is what? does anyone have a comparision pic?

  1. I am just curious what are all the heel sizes available? Does anyone have any comparison pics? And is all sizes offered in all styles?

    Thank you everyone for your help!
  2. Ooh, good question!

    *waits for an answer*

    I am not nearly as knowledgeable as a lot of the ladies, but I'm pretty confident in stating that, no all styles are not offered in all heel heights. Is there a particular style that you're interested in? That would help.

    For example, I know that Simples come in at least 70mm, 85mm and 100mm heel heights. In my experience, it's difficult to find the 70mms, but I know they exist.

    The VPs come in a 130 mm (I think? or is it 120mm? something ungodly high) and also a lower height (which is somewhere between 70mm and 90mm but basically feels like a flat because of the platform).

    Oh, and 25cm = 1 inch. That might help some in figuring out what is what. :smile:

    If you're particularly concerned about heel height, I suggest calling a CL boutique because they tend to have the best intelligence about what might be available (now or in the future) in a specific style.
  3. Steven, I wish we had a cl boutique here in canada. Best I can do here is holts and they don't get or have *anything* special or fancy.
  4. I didn't know if you wanted conversions or heights available, in general. But I found this chart on Hope this helps!

    Heel Height Conversion Table
    Inches(")/Centimeters(cm)/Millimeters(mm)/Heel Height/Experience Required
    1/2.5 cm/25 mm/Low/None.
    2/5.2 cm/52 mm/Low/Minimal.
    3/7.6 cm/76 mm/Medium/Minimal.
    3½/8.9 cm/89 mm/Medium/Minimal.
    4/10.2 cm/102 mm/High/Experience required.
    4½/11.4 cm/114 mm/High/Experience required.
    5/12.8 cm/128 mm/High/Experience required.
    6/15.3 cm/153 mm/Ultra High/Experience required.