Umm, what is this??

  1. It says that it is made by the same company that used to make LV, not that it is LV...I am not sure what it is!
  2. OMG, that's somehow cool... I like it :P
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  4. I love that bag, can't beat the price to get your speedy fix huh:graucho:
  5. wow, thanks GerGirl, I checked it out and there is an all black speedy looking thing with vachetta handles, kinda weird...I don't see why LV would ever be in production with or "affiliated" with this brand, it doesn't make sensem to me...
  6. This is the company that was licensed by LV to make the Vintage speedies. Alot of TPF girls on here have them. Actually a French Co LV is a hot comodity.
  7. French luggage was able to made bags for LV in US about 20 years ago
  8. The French Co will do repairs on LV bags. :yes:
  9. So the "French Company" speedies with the different leather and clasp lock type thing and the zipper pull were made by this company hence the French Co. name??? So they were actually made in the US and only called French Co. because that was the owners last name/name of the company?? That's pretty interesting. I have a regular speedy from the late 70's....
  10. I think it's really cute!!!:nuts:
  11. Yep, sometimes different linings, leather and tags, even monogram shoulder straps. I have a speedy, from late 70's or early 80's that was my mom's passed down to me. They have a seam down the bottom and the LVs are right side up on both sides of the bags. This caused a lot of confusion for awhile, about 'authentic'. They were sold at NM, Saks and Macy's (probably others too, but that's what I remember). Alot of times NM and Saks, would have their labels in there too ;)
    Hope that helps.
  12. A lot of our members have & love them, no vachetta to worry about & vintage appeal.
  13. I love it!