Umm, so what is swift?

  1. Can someone pls tell me, what swift leather is? Is it textured like epsom, togo, etc. or is it smooth like calfbox? Is it heavy, stiff, what does it smell like (ie. strong smell??), and so on.
  2. hi, swift leather is a quite similar in texture to box.. except it doesnt have that shine of box's not heavy like togo but buttery soft in feel..definitely not stiff...

    see picture below... JPG kelly clutch in swift vermillon

  3. Oooh, that is a beauty! Thanks archangel for the descripton and pic! So, is it like Chamonix? Is Swift a new leather type?
  4. I have seen and held a chamonix natural kelly.. chamonix is more matte (whereas swift has a very light sheen).. and stiffer/heavier IMO... I think it is a relatively new leather..
  5. Swift has replaced the old Gulliver; I had a Bolide in Gulliver, and to me, the two leathers look the same...Maybe our experts have more details...
  6. Thanks again, archangel! You've been very helpful!
  7. Thanks, Duna! Only I've never seen Gulliver, lol! But I'm beginning to get an idea of what Swift is like!
  8. Does anyone know how scratch-resistant is Swift? Is it like Box--meant to develop that patina over time?
  9. it's very smooth and buttery soft, and i don't believe it's scratch-resistant (no matter even if they say it is).........
  10. I don't know about Patina but Swift is not scratch resistant. the edges of my Kelly are already distressed even when I made sure they didn't bump into anything

  11. Swift replaced Hermes Gulliver leather, sorry don't have any pics to show you comparisons, I'm currently on vacation - its a beautiful, buttery soft to touch leather, not scratch proof though
  12. I have a Bolide 1923 in vermillion swift -- it is soft to the touch, and almost spongy. I cannot believe that it would be "scratch-resistant" since it has so little surface texture to the leather itself -- unlike togo or clemence. It does not have much sheen, because the leather is soft it absorbs the light rather than reflects it, so it takes color beautifully. I love it, but I wouldn't choose it for a bag that I would use frequently -- I'd be afraid to get it banged up.
  13. Arch, that is a beautiful bag, what a nice color, too.
  14. This is a wierd analogy, but I think it's very much like Coach's classic leather, but in it's OWN fantabulous league. ")