Umm...ok, which one is more appealing?


Love 2 tote PM in which colour?

  1. Ecru

  2. Khaki

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  1. After getting over myself, realizing that we all have different opinions and that certain bags just aren't as popular with the lovely ladies here on the forum...and also seeing this tote IRL and loving it, now I'm stuck.

    Do I want ecru PM or khaki PM??

    I've wanted the ecru PM ever since I heard about these coming out and when I saw pics of the ecru I just forgot about the khaki altogether.
    Yesterday though, I saw the khaki MM IRL and I really loved how the LVOE "popped" out of the bag. The khaki was indeed more of a greenish-brown than a brownish-green, if you know what I mean.
    There was no ecru available but my SA did show me what the colour is similar to and I do still like the ecru. I'd loveeee to get both but that unfortunately is not an option :p

    Whether you like this tote or not, I would still like to hear which colour you think would best suit me.

    My wardrobe consist mostly of pastel colours (mainly any shade of pink, cream), some brown and lots of black and white...if that helps at all.

    I'm leaning towards the ecru because I love white anything and I think it'll go with a lot of things...but I'm also leaning towards the khaki because if it gets dirty, it won't be as obvious and I can be less careful with this bag (unless, Love 2 tote owners think that this bag won't get dirty that easily).

    Please vote!

    Here are pics to give you an idea of what they look like:


    ecru PM.jpg khaki PM.jpg
  2. Khaki gets my vote... it stands out more, IMHO.
  3. i like the ecru better :smile:
  4. Karman... u are bad!! hehehe

    i personally like the ecru, but khaki will be easier to keep clean. I am a serial dark denim wearer... and the colour always rubs off on light accessories (bag, shoes etc..)
  5. i like khaki..stands out more
  6. I voted for the Khaki primarily because of the "dirt" factor. Plus I think Khaki can take you into Fall very nicely. Either one will be a great choice though Karman!
  7. LVOE definitely pops out more for Khaki!!
  8. voted for the ercu because it would be easier to match your clothes with.
  9. the 'dirt' factor is a huge consideration for me. so i'd prefer the khaki one
  10. oh tough one. yeah khaki def. stands out. i'd probably be afraid of getting ecru dirty but i'm always a light colored bag kinda girl...
  11. I think the ecru is so much prettier. THe Khaki colous does not appeal to me and I think it looks a little "off" with the clear and bright monogram on it.
  12. I think they both look great, no bad choices here - but if I was walking by and had 1 second to choose I'd grab the ecru .. if I had time to think .. I'd go for the Khaki LOL just becuase of the concern for it being clean longer - and the LVoe popping out more, but the ecru looks divine! I'm voting Ecru though Lol
  13. I voted for the Khaki, as mentioned it will be a lot easier to keep clean and I also like the colour combo of the khaki and the LVOE. ( I haven't seen these IRL though but that is my choice from the pics.)
  14. Okay--looks like ecru is winning so far...

    Tell me...
    If I were to wear black capri pants and a pink top on, would my outfit look better with the ecru or the khaki?
    (black pants/pink top, jeans/pink or cream top, white pants/pink top is my typical outfit, really...)

    I am still torn. But will vote Ecru just for convenience so I can see poll results right away!!
  15. I think the ecru is nicer. I think ecru will go with almost anything including you black capri and pink top.
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