umm i just saw a

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  1. cerises theda with red handles. They never made these right? it was weird lookin:wtf::wtf:
  2. Theda?
  3. Yepp... a fake.

    Edited to add: I am browsing another tv-related board and reading a thread about TV series' canon. The question was what is canon, are fans allowed to discard canon information or add any other information they want. Anyway, maybe we could do the same: add particularly cute and nice non-canon LV to out personal LV canon. Ykwim?
  4. LOL there is a women I see all the time with the same bag it's weird but yes it is 100% a fake
  5. haha i was like what the crap?
  6. I HATE fakes! Ick!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.