Umm Chocolate - non-quilted bay and clutch

  1. Here are my sale finds from the past week: an east-west satchel and clutch - both in moka. The satchel was 65% off at Saks and the clutch was 60% off at Nordy's. I adore them. :love: Let me know what you think!
    HPIM0187a.jpg HPIM0189a.jpg
  2. Great finds -- congratulations!!
  3. Cute~ and what a bargain! Congratulations
  4. Love your bags and what great deals -well done:tup: ! You described the Bay as non-quilted, but isn't there a bit of quilting on that design ? Can you wear the Bay over your shoulder ?I'd be keen to know as I'm currently in the middle of trying to exchange a bag I was bought from the Sacoche sale for a Moka Bay rectangular bag like yours and I'm nervous about the prospect of it fitting over my shoulder comfortably (bags that can only be carried by hand don't work for me). Anyway, enjoy your bags - they're absolutely fab:smile: !
  5. They are gorgeous! I think that color is SO classic (it's the color of my quilted bay). ENJOY!!

  6. Tagullah - It does have some stitching around the pockets, but I wouldn't consider it quilting. Also, it is a hand-held bag. I doubt it can be worn over the shoulder. When I first got the bag, I noticed their were rings on the side and I asked the SA if it came with a shoulder strap. It does not come with a shoulder a strap, the rings are decorative. There were two of these bags on the shelf and neither had a shoulder strap.

    Thanks everyone for your kind words! :flowers:
  7. Congrats on these amazing finds....Moka is fabulous in the bay bag.
  8. Wow, what a deal. I love the colour. Absolutely gorgeous
  9. great deals!!
  10. WOW!!! Now thats a fabulous find. Congrats on those gorgeous bags!
  11. OMG -what fabulous deals! You did so well to find them. Very beautiful! A modeling pic would be wonderful - just to note the proportions.
  12. HPIM0195.JPG HPIM0197.JPG
  13. ^^^Absolutely fabulous!!! I am drooling over that clutch... should you ever tire of her keep me in!!!!
  14. Another pair of fabulous bags Kiss:tup: (I was just checking out your lovely Beata). Congratulations - they look great on you - enjoy:smile:.