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  1. For those who have a Coach umbrella - how are they? Do they hold up in the wind better than regular umbrellas (which always seem to turn inside out on me in the first or second use). I am afraid to spend so much on an umbrella and then have it not really work. I live in NYC, don't have a car, and walk many blocks in the wind and rain. My current umbrella is broken :sad:
  2. i've had two and they've both held up pretty well...but i've heard other people say they didn't like the umbrellas. i guess it just depends on where you live/if it's windy when it rains, kwim?
  3. I'm glad you posted this question and hope others with the umbrellas will respond. I have been wanting to get one of the umbrellas but if they dont hold up any better than a cheaper umbrella I cant justify paying that price just because it is Coach.
  4. I have a coach umbrella and I also live in NYC and walk/take the train/bus and I've had it for yearssssss... I still have it... All the other umbrellas (including tote) suck and break! But not this one!!!
  5. do they have the button for auto-close and auto-open??
  6. mine doesnt :sad: but its ok
  7. I always have 2 Umbrellas - at the moment they are both Coach -

    The pretty blue optic is a stick style (no pop-button) I use while walking my dog. Because it gets used around home (no tall buildings) it holds up well.

    The folding one (which does have a pop-button) gets slipped in my tote and is mainly used in the city (where tall buildings = high winds) and so I've accepted it's disposable. So far tho the Coach umbrella has held up very well.

    I bought both at the outlet - I wouldn't pay full price for a folding one (disposable) - Would pay full price for a stick (dog walking) one if I loved the fabric.
  8. I have a large one but haven't used it. I'm afraid to actually. LOL
  9. I have a big black & white outline signature Coach compact umbrella and I have never had a problem with it. Plus it's cute! I live in SF and we have very rainy winters.
  10. I had a scarf print optic umbrella from a couple years ago, but the prong stitching came undone from one of the rods within a month. I wasn't carrying it in high winds either, just normal rainy days. In my opinion you should only buy umbrellas from the outlet or discounted. For me, it's just like any other umbrella (just prettier and more expensive!)
  11. I just purchased an umbrella at the outlet, but of course it hasn't rained yet for me to try it out.
  12. My first Coach umbrella was stolen, it was a stick pink signature I got at the Primm Outlet and I loved it. My 2nd that I have now is a madison scarf print fold up and I like it a lot I live up in northern cali and our winters are nothing but high winds and rain and its held up pretty well!
  13. i live in MAINE... dude the snow and rain here are ridiculous sometimes... but i'd only need it for things like runnin from my house to my car and from my car to my friends houses or work...

    will it hold up???

    is it quality???
  14. Haha! Me, too! :p
  15. How much do the umbrellas (compact ones) run at the outlets?