Umbrella Strollers

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  1. Love my G-Luxe!
  2. Quick update on the maclaren stroller. Romeo is now 4 months old and he's tall enough that the shoulder straps hit him right on the shoulder on the lowest setting. I've put him in the most reclined position and walked around at home to see if he was ok with it and he still hates it :sad:

    Hoping he does like it in one month as taking the bugaboo to Paris would be suicidal with all the subway and bus rides we wanted to do!! Otherwise I'm stuck walking around but we don't spend much time there so he really needs to get used to it
    Any tips for this?
  3. If it's an umbrella stroller i think they're for babies 6 months and up. Can you try another stroller and return the Maclaren?
  4. He's definitely too small for an umbrella stroller. They are really more for bigger kids. Littler babies need the support. Plus umbrella strollers are not comfortable. Their main purpose is just to have omething to put your baby in when they don't really need to be in a traditional stroller anymore.

    Sorry, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people put small babies in umbrella strollers when they're too young or little.


  5. I was hoping 5 months would be ok for an umbrella stroller :sad:

    I did get a better carrier but can't carry him all day. I would be too tired!!

    Thinking what other options I have
  6. How about taking the carseat with you with the carseat caddy. so much easier and you check them both at the gate. No stroller needed. Plus you'll need a carseat anyway in case you're renting a car or taxi ride.

    I miss my caddy best thing ever.

  7. Thanks I will look into it but riding the subway with a baby does not look fun right now lol
  8. LOL it never is. But so many do it in NY so you'll manage. Few more months and he'll be umbrella stroller ready

    The car seat caddy is not very big at all. Same size as an umbrella stroller. Pop into a baby store and you can test them out.
  9. "R"'s going with you? Have him carry the little man! DH carrys the baby almost all the time right cause it gets too uncomfortable if I carry her against my bewbs.. (can't wait till we ween at the end of the year) :biggrin:

  10. Thanks! I'm going to check it out

    Yes! I got him the baby bjorn one carrier ;) and I surely don't miss the huge boobies from BF hehe
  11. I recently got a Maclaren Techno XLR and its AMAZING! I have a Bugaboo Buffalo and its so big and cumbersome, Baby is super comfy but I can't get it maneuvered around stores and stuff, The Maclaren is so wonderful, Its light and folds right up with 1 hand.. It also reclines all the way back and the canopy comes nearly all the way down. Its such a great stroller. I got this for an umbrella stroller to take on vacation and theme parks but to be honest I haven't touched the bugaboo since I got it and Im not thinking I will either. Check out the Techno for sure!
  12. I recently reviewed Nuna Demi Grow stroller and what can I say - it's one of the best strollers I've ever had. It can be easily converted into double stroller, it's sooo cool.

    This stroller looks quite like the UPPAbaby Vista when and has a lot of common features, but is slightly better in my opinion.