Umbrella Strollers

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  1. Hmmm, now that I look again, maybe the Mark II doesn't recline.

    I'll take any suggestions!!
  2. Sheanna!! I have the BMW maclaren. None of the maclarens recline 180 degrees. They do recline but slightly

    My friend owned a chicco and that one reclined 180!! Super good for changing diapers too

    I'm so excited for you! Is it your first time going to HK? I love that place so much and barely know it! Been there twice but for just a couple of days each time
  3. Get a combi its light weigh easy for traveling around HK or use a baby carrier. unfortunately HK isn't very pram friendly lots of steps. People in HK aren't very family/disable friendly either. They fight for a lift with you despite the fact they are able bodied. They are too lazy to walk to the escalator. I recommend a baby carrier with good back support it'll make your traveling around HK much more efficient.
  4. Again. I love my bmw stroller however here is a website with three reviews that you might find useful

    Also, there was a super good deal on the uppababy not long ago. Not sure it's still available!!

    Ps: I don't see you wearing Holden as Romeo makes my shoulders hurt!! And he's so much smaller

    Definitely try to they the most lightweight stroller so either one of you can carry the stroller through stairs while the other one carries the baby!!
  5. Good to know! Yes I am excited to go, I've never been to Asia. But a little anxiety over traveling w/ the baby and going w/ my BF's friends & family who are all Asian! I do not speak Cantonese :sweatdrop:
  6. Thank you for the advice. We do have a Beco SOleil carrier, we will definitely bring that!

  7. Ah don't worry! I get that same feeling about going to chile which is just two hours away by plane. And I speak the language and it's just Romeo and us!!

    Family trips are always fun and you are in good company!! So nothing to worry about :smile:

    HK is amazing and I loooooove how they have designer stores all over. No kidding! It's pretty awesome!! And such a pretty city. I don't speak a word in Chinese and had a blast!! I do regret not being able to go to Stanley market because I was still adjusting to the time difference. My trips were too short and I want to go back someday!

    Look into a chicco stroller if you can. They recline flat and will be a godsend for diaper changes. I never considered one when my friend told me this but I was at my company BBQ yesterday and he was on his infant seat + bugaboo and I was wondering HOW I was supposed to change his diaper if I needed to and looked at putting two chairs together to do so. Also, I didn't want one because it was cheaper and I'm weird like that. I like more expensive things lol.

    I was really stubborn about wanting the maclaren BMW however the chicco would have been better for me with Romeo as an infant for the chile trip myself. So that I could carry him while he lies down! I'm still taking the maclaren but he hates that chair plus it's supposed to be 6+ months.
  8. When I'm at a restaurant I just put 2 chairs together lol to change his diaper! But there aren't many baby friendly restaurants with changing tables in NYC so I'm left with only that option.

    As far as not getting a Chicco because it's less expensive. My BF and I are actually the same way...he's in fact way worse lol. Such a snob! But I'll have him take a look and see what he thinks.

  9. Loooooool my bf is worse than I am! He will choose the more expensive option always! Hehe

  10. I don't have any advice on umbrella strollers but I wanted to say that you will have a great time in HK. I lived there for a year in 2001 and enjoyed my time there quite a bit. Make sure you visit the big buddha on lantau island.

  11. You have to download Mommy nearest! It tells you subways with elevators, kid friendly restaurants and bathrooms with changing tables! I use it ALL the time!

  12. Ps: in that case look at the one I got! I love it!! I do wish it reclined more for Romeo however Holden can sit properly now right? :smile: or will for the trip for sure!!

    And get the organizer if you feed him with bottles. I got it and it has two bottle spaces. I didn't get a chance to get the cup holder because it was out of stock however it's practical for your drinks hehe,default,pg.html