Uma's New LV Ads Fall 2007

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Aren't these older ads??
  3. Oooh she is back on contract? I luv the 2nd to last bag as a fancy evening purse!
  4. i think so...
  5. yeah I think I've seen them before...
  6. Yeah those are older, I have the bag in the first pic ;)
  7. yea, those ads are old...
    from f/w 05...
  8. the third one looks like ScarJo a bit
  9. They are older pics...but I just love her...she is so sweet in interviews!
  10. BEAUTIFUL! FYE uma is on the April cover of Vogue
  11. they are older ads, but thanks for sharing! she's soo lovely! the bags, etc. are ok too! :love:
  12. She looks gorgeous but yes these are older pics, thanks for posting though very lovely.
  13. if i didnt love chinchillas, i would bust out my savings for a chinchilla bag!
  14. Yes, those are older adds. I wish she were back in contract! She really made me want to buy every bag she modeled!

  15. I agree.