Uma Thurman..........

  1. ^First of all...that picture was posted in 2010. It's old. Secondly, she was not doing was face powder.

    Congrats to Uma...being a mother is the most important job anyone can ever have.
  2. Uma Thurman stepped out Tuesday in New York City, debuting her baby belly in a fitted dress, multi-colored scarf and black boots.
  3. wow, how was she hiding it all along...
  4. Relaxing on St Bart's
  5. More pics
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  6. wow. I guess her ***** recovered fast ...
  7. source: Daily Mail
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  9. Awww I love babies...they are so little and tiny and sweet.
  10. Gosh that name is a mouthful and a half !
  11. Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson

    Well alrighty, then....
  12. horiffic.
  13. But we call her Luna. ;)

    Congrats to them! Uma looks so sweet kissing her.
  14. Uma Thurman unveiled the new BMW i8 Roadster in New York on Monday and looked right at home as she posed in the new concept car, harking back to the days when she played the beautiful but deadly assassin Black Mamba in the Kill Bill series.
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