Uma Thurman..........

  1. Megs, do you need a sidekick to hang out with you in NY? :angel:
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. I love Uma but that oufit looks ridiculous!!
  4. ahhh I think she looks super cute, the colour really suits her, and with that smile she can get away with wearing (almost) anything :smile:
  5. I think she's just gorgeous. I really like the color and pattern of the jacket but not so much the style.
  6. What an interesting coat-I like it. She looks so ethereal and beautiful.
  7. I think she looks wonderful there, ethereal is the word! And that little purse is adorable!
  8. She looks good in just about anything. I know I'd look ridiculously funny in that outfit!
  9. i like this woman .. :heart: stunning
  10. I love the coat!
  11. She's so lovely she can get away with wearing anything!
  12. I think she looks great!!!


  13. She does look fantastic ! :yes:
  14. Rock on Uma! I like her body, she actually looks like she eats :biggrin:
  15. Uma ROCKS!!!:rochard: LOVE her!!!:love: