Uma Thurman..........

  1. Despite being the 'face' of Louis Vuitton, Uma Thurman has recently been spotted carrying a 'Novak' in red. What do you think of this bag? I don't like it very much, because it is too 'ladylike' and not very versatile (you can use it in formal occasions, but not in everyday life, it is too elegant).
  2. Wow, she really towers over the guy she is with. I wouldn't be able to handle that.

    I think the red goes great with her outfit. I love the Novak! I don't like shapeless bags, and the Novak is certainly a "ladylike" bag, and that why I love it!
  3. Wow .. the bag is beautiful .. but what's with her dress?!
  4. I love the bag and I think it looks great on her. Although, I don't think it is completely versatile. Maybe I'm off...
  5. I certainly agree with you on it not being very versatile. It is a formal looking bag, and might not work with casual ensembles.

    I do love it, though. I wish I hadn't read about it scratching easily from the astute members of this forum. I'm planning on cutting back on all my purchases for a few months so I can save up and splurge on one truly great bag - and it will be the Novak or Dior Detective.
  6. I love the Dior Detective. The bright green color that it comes in is gorgeous :love: Megs did a blog entry a couple of weeks ago, and I fell in love :love:

    I also really like the Novak., I think it's a beautiful bag, especially in red!
  7. I am on the wait list for red and caramel novak.....I want another paddington instead. The reality for me is - It's more practicle. I want more colors!
  8. She's so striking, just like the red Novak.
  9. I have the brown and am on the list for the red. It is not casual but you can wear it to work. I have also worn it with jeans and boots. It is not a bag to wear with sneakers but it is more versatile than it looks.
  10. Andre looks completely enamored with her. Very cute :biggrin:
  11. What is the price point for the novak, the red has really grown on me :biggrin:
  12. oo I just saw this available on NAP. Considering ordering one, price point is very reasonable. That is a consideration for me since I'd be buying it sight unseen. I usually like to see bags before I purchase them.
  13. I think that if you love the structure of Dior bags, you will probably love this one aswell. I think it is beautiful!:P
  14. gorgeous, both of them.
  15. her dress is alexander mcqueen as well.


    it's actually quite beautiful.