Uma Ash Colour Change

  1. I haven't taken any pictures yet, but I am wondering if anyone has had problems with light coloured Botkiers changing colour? I have a Uma in ash, which I hadn't worn since last year and then not very often. I put the bag in its sleeper bag and kept that in a closet with all my other bags (most of them in sleeper bags). There was nothing wrong with the bag last year, but when I took it out a few weeks ago and walked outside, the former grey bag seems to have turned light brown, but unevenly so, almost like fading into a darker colour. I have no idea how that could have happened? The bag has never sat out and the closet it is kept in is dark, plus it was inside the sleeper. The only times it has bene out is when I wore it, and as I said, it was perfect. Any ideas?
  2. I bought a blue Venice Hobo a while back...maybe last spring (2010). I don't remember when those came out. Anyway, I put it in its dustbag in my closet for 2 or 3 months and when I took it out again, the color had started changing. It was turning brown. It was AWFUL. Botkier would only replace it with the same color bag. [Why would I want that? They verified that, due to the dying/finishing process, the color was "supposed to" change. (Really? Yikes!)] So I went through the boutique from which I'd bought it; they let me exchange it for a black one. So, I've never had the problem with an Uma (don't own one) but your bag is not the first one to change color like that. Perhaps Botkier should look into the dye process?! I think it's a defect; Botkier disagreed with me. They claimed it was intentional. Maybe they should let people know that from the outset. I wouldn't have been able to sell that on eBay for anything!

    BTW, the new Leo satchel that just came out with the Fall 2011 line looks like the exact same color and leather as the blue Venice I had. I had it on my wishlist until I saw better pictures and realized that. I'm not taking the chance that they're using the exact same leather on those bags and that it will do the same thing.
  3. That is absolutely terrible! I actually bought mine NWT on eBay, so couldn't contact Botkier anyway. Good to know though, I think they will just lose custom over the years. Surely people will not purchase a Botkier again if their bag, which they pay over $500-600 changes colour. And not evenly on top of that. And yes, mine has brownish streaks, and the handles haven't changed as they are a different leather.
  4. Maybe you could dye it a darker color (or have someplace like LMB do it.). If it's anything like mine was (and since you can't return/replace it) it's better than throwing it out.