Um..yeah so price increase soon should I get something?

  1. I promised my bf that the damier and mono speedies were my last purchase for awhile but I really want to get something before the price increase. One last thing...

    Do you think I should and if so should I get the damier saleya pm or a red or black epi speedy?

    I am a little short on funds right now but I don't want to pay more for these bags later:hrmm:
  2. I am going to shock you and say don't get anything :yes:

    If you "have to" get something then I vote for the red epi.
  3. I vote for the black epi speedy!
  4. Wow, price increases for Louis Vuitton must mean good business - it compells people to make purchases that they otherwise woudln't make! haha
  5. I vote the sahali.( did I spell this right?)
  6. I vote for either the Saleya or the red Epi Speedy. Let us know what you decide.
  7. If you have to charge your purchase and you won't be able to pay it off when the statement comes then you'll end up paying more for the bag anyways. And I think the interest on the CC will be more than the price increase.:idea: But if you absolutely HAVE to have something, get the Epi speedy.:love:
  8. Irene's right...the interest even after a month may kill whatever money you saved by avoiding the increase. I say wait if I were you.
  9. Very true. Try to pay cash if you can.

    If I dont have the cash then I don't need it (my motto) :smile:
  10. I vote for the red epi. It's a statement piece. The saleya is a great bag, but is more similar to the damier speedy (handheld, same pattern). The red epi is great--I always get compliments on my red epi alma!!
  11. I've always wanted a black epi speedy, go for that one
  12. umm, i think you should get something epi
  13. I agree with this comment:smile:
  14. I say get the Saleya. On the other hand, if you are short on cash you may want to save until you can comfortably buy the bag price increase or not. You don't want to hurt your financial situation for a bag.