Um yeah....not doing so good on the not spending this month......

  1. In addition to my outlet purchases this weekend (madison in black leather, madison in legacy stripe, zoe silk scarf, hair scarf, legacy stripe tie die jaquard wool shawl.....)..... I'm in Raleigh on business with my best friends...also big coach fans....we hit the mall this afternoon and I picked up the signature stripe beauty case in punch in both the medium and the large! I've spent WAY too much on coach this month!!!!!
  2. but just think how much money you SAVED by buying at the outlet!!!

  3. ^^ How true!! Its not about how much you spent its about how much you saved:p
  4. Girl I need to go shopping for you. I always do with my Mom and for the most part am good at making her think about things.

    As cute as it is, do you really need BOTH beauty cases?

    Just trying to be a voice of reason.

    Congrats on your goodies though!
  5. yes!! look at your outlet receipt and see how much you saved :biggrin: can't wait to see pics of all your new things!

  6. Yes? Oh, that's not the answer you were looking for, right? But when I got my medium beauty case it was really hard to choose between the medium and the large! Geez, if I had seen both in person, I don't know if I could have chosen one over the other either! Ok, OK! One does not NEED both beauty cases but when have we ever talked about what we really NEED here on the PF??? :graucho:

    Oh, and when ALL the punch sells out one of the beauty cases can be sold at a huge profit! Right?? LOL!
  7. I travel all the I can definitely use both beauty cases...will help me divde up some stuff that gets crammed all in one bag today and makes it a pain to rifle through...

    And I know I saved a TON....the shawl alone was down to $70 from $300.....just goes against my cutting back.... Good thing my bonus is coming soon!
  8. Maybe for every $$$ you spend on Coach bags and accerssories your can put that amount in the bank or savings?
  9. Haha that's how I think about every purchase too...unless I am with my friend who is like my fashion and accessories guru :p