Um? Wah? Hm? Scratching head......

  1. Ok so I am at the mall today, myself, alone, shopping. I am dressed normally, black slacks, black cashmere turtleneck and a black fitted wool 3/4 coat (Yeah I like black). I wore my new Anthracite Paddington. Ok...usually the SAs crawl all over me. They almost always eye my bag, and then immediately help me. Today, nothing nada, Neiman Marcus I was totally ignored in a few departments. I actually walked around with a Manolo pump in my hand, and four SAs just ignored me. OK I left, and figured it was a fluke. I go to Nordstroms and go and look in the handbag dept. two SAs literally stopped talking when I walked by, pointed at my bag and busted out laughing. WTF? I didnt have a booger hanging out my nose, I looked totally like I always do, didnt try any wacky ass hairstyles out, WTF?

    Any insight would be appreciated as I was totally flabbergasted.
  2. I wish I could help Selena.

    But I frequently find myself afflicted with a sudden case of Invisibility at major department stores, sometimes at restaurants, and occassionally at bars.

    I'm not a flashy dress-er (except for that spotted Kors coat) and seldom have a booger hanging out of my nose.

    And yet-- often invisible.

    There is just no accounting.
  3. they laughed at you?

    Tell me who, I'll smack 'em!
  4. WTF! Did you have toilet paper stuck to your foot? I know it wasn't the bag! It is just too gorgeous to be ignored! Maybe they were all jealous!

  5. LOL! I loves ya Swanky, you always got my back! And yes they laughed!! I am pretty observant. It was totally the bag. Are the metallics that rare, that maybe they never saw one? But even still, if you work retail selling bags, you know not every store gets the same inventory? I am perplexed!!!
  6. Huh? Selena, are you serious? Did you not stop and ask what they were laughing at? Are you thinking they were laughing at your new Chloe?

  7. NO TP! I even went to a full length mirror to do a 360 observation, I really was dressed plain and clean, I wanted to spotlight the bag today. It was truly weird. Maybe it was my anthracite nails? TEE HEE I found a great color the same as the bag and did my nails last night! But it looked great! Cant be that.

  8. YES!! THey pointed at the bag!! It was surreal! I am 1000% sure it was the bag.
  9. If they know anything about Chloe, they should be familiar with anthracite! If they are complete boobs, they should be able to spot a quality bag. If they can't do either, they are too stupid for you to give it a second thought!

    I am sure you looked hot! F*ck em!
  10. I would have had to stop and ask them what was so damn funny. OK, has anyone else had this experience??
  11. Did you flipm' off? What a crock, and not to worry its not your bag. You know we all know your new Chloe rocks and they are just a couple of jealous morons!
    And hey! Paddys rock! I have a new red one on the way!!
  12. Maybe we have discovered what the heavy lock is really for!!!
  13. THanks guys! Honestly I wasnt upset, just more confused. KWIM? I could care less what anyone thinks truly, but it was a first for me!!
  14. Oh Selena, that is horrible!! Where are those BIACHES?? Swanky and I want to open a can of whoop a**!
  15. Irishgal is right- next time, put that padlock to work.