Um...vachetta holds up better than we think

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  1. Did I spell vachetta right? Sounds like something I had for dinner tonight.'s pouring here in New England and I went out tonight with my new baggy pm and it rained (I can hear the gasps now) all over my bag! I got home expecting to have to wipe down the handles and the water spots that were on the handle were totally gone! Nothing to wipe. I have never treated this bag and the water had no effect on it! Are we too neurotic about these bags? :shrugs:
  2. I dropped my petit bucket right in a puddle & you'd never know I did, but still, we pay so much, I don't want to just toss the bags around.
  3. if it's just little tiny spots, it won't stain but i spilled cranberry juice on my bag and it left some marks. they are not that noticeable but of course i see them since i am pretty anal about keeping my vachetta clean.
  4. I am glad to hear that you baggy was safe!! Did u decide to keep it? I know you were having second thoughts. Anyway, I agree that vachetta is quite durable and resiliant. I have carried my speedy out in the rain many-a-time and once it had dried there were minimal, if any water spots.
  5. That's reassuring. I don't own any bags with vachetta, but I want a BH. I'll have to get over my vachetta fears.

  6. Yep I am keeping it!!! It's such a fun bag. My kids even love it (because it's blue and it "looks like they made it from someone's pants") :P
  7. Yay!! I am glad you are keeping it! I think its such a pretty bag and a nice change from the mono speedy. Congrats!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  8. LOL you crack me up! Glad to hear the vachetta is OK! Don't you hate this new england weather??

  9. Yes!!!! I had to put my heat on it's so freakin cold out!!!
  10. glad the vachetta is doing well! i did notice that too...when i'm out with my mono 35 and it rains i stick it inside my jacket. LOL..
  11. I live in Seattle and take my Speedy everywhere and the rain has never left a stain! It's awesome!
  12. I think they might have done something to the newer vachetta. I have never treated my Azur and been cought under rain a bunch of times AND NOTHING, not even a tiniest mark, really - on the other hand my 2004 Vernis M.Sq. WAS treated with AG and I was caught under a slight drizzle once last year.I can't never forget that day because I get a reminder every time I look at it! I have also noticed that my newer bags patina muuuuch slower. Anyone else made this observation or I am completely loosing it:>)?
  13. Good to hear vachetta is holding up in this strange New England weather. Seems like winter again.
  14. Yes it does seem like winter again.

    I don't know about the bags taking longer to patina - I am semi new to LV and only own 3 so not much to compare it to. But I will say that it rained all over the strap of my baggy pm and there wasn't ONE stain! I mean...nothing!
  15. I am too paranoid to even chance it! I carry a garbage bag in my purse just in case we have sun showers!