Um...semi-urgent tarantula question...

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  1. Mods, please move this to the Animalicious forum if this is inappropriate, but I was not sure this qualified as an animal thing...

    My son has a pet tarantula and I have been taking care of it since he moved out and until he gets a place where he can have it. My question is this:


    There are at least two "legs" (detached) in the terrarium now, and possibly three, and when he (she?) was stretched out a little while ago, I counted ten "legs" on the actual spider. HELP!!! Is s/he sick? Is this normal? I have no idea and it is very freaky. Thanks!
  2. They shed their exoskeletons to grow. It could be molting.

    Sorry...spiders just scare the pants off me...yikes.......Ill move this to animalicious.....eek...
  4. First of all, GROSS!!! Ha ha. Secondly, yes, tarantulas do shed or "molt". There's all kinds of good info on along with icky photos! Good luck!
  5. poor Jill. hey......don't move.........theres something c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g slowly up your........left leg.......hold still now......
  6. OMG...thank you guys SO much! I was totally freaking out. It's all fun and games until someone loses three legs...

    <breathing again>
  7. *shudders*
  8. Yeah, you shudder now...but just try looking at the molting photos! :push:
  9. awww. they're so cute and fuzzy though. please read the whole page I sent you cause it goes into detail about how to care for them as they are going through the molting process (ie; don't handle them, make sure they have water....etc.)
  10. Aww lucky you! DH and I used to have a pet tarantula, he passed away though. We found him and took him in to care for him :smile: They're so neat huh. When they crawl on you and leave the little web as they walk. Cute little guys. Have fun with yours!
  11. I did read all through it. I have two problems...first, I scared the spider (before I read those pages) because I lifted the cage lid to see if he was still alive (he is), and he seems still "in tact" except for the legs, but I hope I did not disturb him too much; and second, there are three crickets in the cage still from his last feeding. Those pages say that a cricket can harm a molting spider...these are pretty small...maybe 3/4" long, and if I try to get them out I will bother the spider again and still may not be able to catch the crickets. Ironically I am terrified of crickets (they jump). What do you think I should do?
  12. do you have a long pair of tongs? can you get the crickets out that way? please find a way or they will hurt the little fella.
  13. I don't think I have any that would catch a cricket...I think they are flat salad tongs. But the site says if I startle the spider that could kill I go in after the crickets and startle the spider to save the spider from the crickets? Won't that cause more trauma? Bagnshoo...where are youuuuuu? I need a cricket catcher!

  14. :wtf::wtf::crybaby:...Im lying in bed with the heebie jeebies now...ROFL....