Um....Retail therapy is not good in a recession.

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  1. Ok. So SaraJanes thread about too many bags got me thinking....and holy crap I think I am majorly depressed or something because I should *NOT* have bought as many bags as I did this year.

    So, I thought I only bought five reality, this is what came home....

    Burgundy Antony
    Burgundy Dahlia wallet
    Oak Phoebe
    Oak cat change purse
    Oak Bayswater
    Butterfly Bayswater
    White Antique Leather Poppy Satchel
    Gold Small Jody Shopper
    Vanilla Tassel Roxanne
    Oak Brynmore
    Oak 8-card wallet
    Letter keychain
    Burgundy Notebook

    I got a black Luella and a LV Denim Pleaty...

    The only thing that went OUT was my Kensington...and I bought the Leigh in the sale and hated it and sent it back so that does not count.

    I need serious help. And I wonder why I don't have any money....:weird::cursing:
    Ok...I'm officially banned.

    Seriously. Banned.:banned:


    Something delicious pops up...

    but other than that...

  2. Wow I think that might even be more than me - Well done!
  3. That's pretty impressive!

    But is that worse than my haul? ALL eleven of my bags have been purchased since August, most of them since October. I don't have any money either and I even totaled up me Mulberry expenditure (yikes!) and almost fainted. How exactly did I spend that much? Well, I kept saying, okay, just this bag and then I'm banned. Then another one would crop up that I just HAD to have. I blame tpf! :P
  4. I agree TPF is the problem....I went TWO years after being introduced to Mulberry until I got my first bag and then WHAMMO...I register on TPF...and it all is a blur since then.
  5. ^^Exactly! I bought an Emmy in June 2007, was quite content with it and then found all sorts of other styles on ebay in August '08. I bought a Phoebe, fell in love, heard about tpf, registered and, well, you know the rest!!!
  6. So really it's not our fault. We should blame TPF for our excess bags.
  7. ^^Yup. Should we start a union? I mean we pretty much work for Mulberry, don't we? Except we're paying them!!!!!! :P
  8. Somethings got to give...I mean I don't even want to calculate what TPF has cost me....Imagine if we added it all up...I mean EVERYONE on this board...what we bought as a result of TPF....the amount would be staggering!
  9. At least this isn't like the Belen Echandia Forum where members are always trying to persuade each other to join in with a bespoke order so as to build up a group large enough to get a 10% reduction and free shipping. That is wickedly dangerous and 10% is not even much to get off when you stop to think about it. The main drive is to get an out of stock bag remade or to buy something not normally on offer. It is very seductive.
  10. I LOVE Mulberry bags and that is why it is so easy to get carried away :smile:. Looking at all Mulberry beauties at TPF really make me :drool:! That is why I set a max of 10 bags to myself, the sensible side of me can't go above this. That is also why my collection is changing constantly: I sell if I buy. This is also a good way to avoid buyer's remorse ;) (the selling kind of justifies the buying).

    Face the fact, if I bought all the styles I love, I could easily go up to more than 20 bags. And I haven't even seen the SS09 bags yet!
  11. ^^ Sorry, I forgot to mention that I have bought THREE new Mulberry bags in January :shame:. Two bags went out to justify the three new ones. I am now up to ten! Moneywise it was +/- 0.
  12. oh good grief!!! i sometimes wish i hadn't stumbled onto tpf, i'd probably only have my oak annie if i hadn't found this forum!
    As it is, i really can't justify buying any more bags. I love all the ones I've got and can't see me parting with any. must enjoy what i have and stop lusting after new bags!
  13. ^^^ I am the same!

    I am trying to go with Linnea's philosophy of setting a maximum and then one in - one out. It doesnt always work though does it? :nuts:
  14. :nuts: Linnea did I miss this?? What did you get and which ones have you parted with?
  15. ^^ Aly, I have not received the new ones yet, but I might as well tell you ;). I will add pics once they arrive.

    Anyway, lovely little goatskin mini Mabel is out :crybaby:. Two reasons really, I am tall (1,75 m) and the little miniature bag made me look huge. LOL. The other reason is that I have to be able to carry my evening bag on the shoulder. I need my hands totally free :smile:. -> In came little black BROOKE. Have not met her yet, so I hope I love her!

    Out went also choco Bayswater, as I have one in black and I use it more. In came oak JAQUETTA ("need" a bigger sized summer bag) and choco KENSINGTON. I actually don't need the Kensington, but I had been looking at it for a long time.

    Additionally, I have been too scared to buy off ebay and all these bags appeared in the sales. Therefore, I did not want to miss out on the opportunity!

    I had eight bags before joining the forum, so I have added only two new ones. :yahoo:
    They were black so you guys got me into colour (well, oak and choco). Having said that, I really want a larger sized choco bag... but I think I will get that one from the summer sale. That will give me 6 months to figure out which bag will be out next. In the meantime, I will use all my treasures and not hide them in their sleeping bags :tup:.