um......Ostrich anyone?

  1. Pros, cons and personal stories?

    Just wondering is all......................:p
  2. Shopmom...I need a few more specs here...what style/size/color are you thinking about??? I have to think about ostrich on SM specifically...
  3. K.....well, there's nothing in the pipeline at the moment but if I were to special order one just for me it would be vintage, 28cm, Sellier in that gold-ish color.....with gold. That would be my special order from the Hermes Gods......OR the exact one that VB is carrying in that thread about all the famous people and their Hermes.
  4. Well...I tried a gold ostrich birkin on in was a gorgeous color...but...LOL...I think it made my thighs look big... Can you remind us of your current collection???
  5. Ostrich is light weight, great in rain and IMO shows colors & neutrals beautifully. Over time the handles do discolor except for maybe the black bags. I have noticed that my birkin is developing batwings (even tho I use the Chameleon Insert). I am a little squimish after hearing how Ostrich is prepared. Overall though Ostrich is a fabulous leather.
  6. Put aside the feather plucking horror .....

    I agree that ostrich is lightweight. To me, ostrich is a tad lighter than box calf. I am dreaming about a blue jean ostrich ..... :rolleyes:

    Very recently, I came up close and personal with rouge vif ostrich in a 30cm birkin .... it's delicious. Very elegant. I was totally consumed by the royalty of rouge vif in ostrich .....
  7.'s mostly black! LOL!!!! But my Kelly collection is now down to a select few vintage black Box, Chocolate Box and vintage Havanne Croc.

    What I HAVE been thinking is that while I have these wonderful Kelly's that I adore beyond reason....I don't have one that can take lousy wet weather. I was just thinking this morning about which leathers I could consider for bad weather without it being Togo or Epsom or VL......and I thought of Ostrich.....but actually, I'm open to other suggestions too!
  8. that's good to know ostrich can go out in the rain. I just got my 35 kelly brown ostrich and I have to say, I absolutely love it. I would carry it everyday if I could. It is so light and my handles have darkened a little but the ostrich has darker areas on the eyes so it blends right in. I would love the rouge vif ostrich birkin and that would make my day. I think of croc and I worry that I would have to baby it, but I don't think I have to baby my ostrich.
  9. LOREN.....that bag of yours is gorgeous! It's SO perfect for you!
  10. D - i love my only ostrich, my fuschia HAC but i must say it's a little high maintenance esp. since it had some ostrich "eye" peeling incident in the past. but after shipping it to BH for repairs, everything's fixed and i have carried that bag recently without anymore problems!
  11. thank you. now where was that rouge vif birkin? that's what I wish for. but in reality I'll just stick to my entry level togo birkins that I don't have to worry about too much in our weather. I do plan on getting another ostrich though, I love it. Does anyone know how to condition the leather? Can I just rub it with my usual leather conditioner?
  12. Mrssparkles, gimme a buzz when you got the BJ ostrich, will u? :graucho: :graucho: :graucho:

    OP, ostrich is my most favorite leather from all H leathers.. esp. if you like structured & sturdy bag than slouchy ones, i'm sure you'll love the ostrich bag :love:
  13. This is going to be one l-o-n-g wait. Who knows when Hermes will make ostrich in BJ again. I read it here that it's been discontinued. I asked my SA and SM, and they say it's not. :shrugs:
  14. Mom, did you check out that little gold ostrich Bolide that Createurs has up for auction?
  15. I did, GK. Isn't it lovely? Too small for me though (thank GOD!)!!! LOL!!!!