Um, oops. Didnt think it would actually go through.

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  1. I was playing on Bluefly, and REALLY want the Miss Marples and the Activas. So I put them in my basket and checked out, and did Bill Me Later, just for fun, NEVER actually thinking it would work. (I have been banned from CCs by my DF, cause I would forget to pay the bill...)

    OMG it worked. Now I have the Miss Marples in 41.5 and the Activas in 41. Are they gonna fit? And does Bluefly take returns? Cause DF is gonna kill me.
  2. um can you call and cancel the order? you just said you can't buy anything else because of the wedding. those have been on bluefly a while. i think maybe cancel the order and then wait until after the wedding and if the time is right get them then.
  3. yeah im gonna get killed by my DF. Im gonna try to cancel it. I really didnt think it would do it!
  4. no need to cancel!
  5. Yay DF said I could keep them if I was really really good! Apparently his family has decided to help us out and we can have a wedding again! Yay!
  6. Who here has the black patent python Activas and/or the Miss Marples? How do they look on? I think I may have gotten the sizing backward.

    My VPs are a 41, and my NPs are a 41.5.
    Both pairs fit perfectly.

    I got the Marple in a 41.5, and the Activas in a 41. (They were the only sizes left, it was fate.)

    Are these gonna fit?
  7. ugh i'm so jealous! i would love the black patent python but they weren't in my size (which is good b/c i can't afford them anyway)

    from what i've learned activa's run small, you want to go at least a 1/2 size if not a full size up.
  8. Oh no, the Activas might not fit then! Oh I will be sad, becuase those are so hot.
  9. Glad it is going to work out for you.
  10. I'm so happy for you - hope it does fit and fit well too!!! Post pics when you get them.
  11. LOL the first thought that came to my mind -- you're hopeless :roflmfao: I think your DF isn't helping you too much on your recovery... :lol: kidding! No offence :smile: Anyhoo, I have a pair of pale metallic gold Miss Marples and I love them. They can be a little uncomfy to walk in because of the heavy stacked wood heels. I rarely wear her but is a great pair to own in a shoes collection. Reminds me of the times I used to carry and wear Chloe with those shoes!! Very boho chic! :love:
  12. Haha no DF is not very good at saying no to me! :smile:

    How do the Miss Marples fit?
    I am a little concerned the Activas will be too small, and the MMs too big. Ugh, I fail at shoe shopping!
  13. Just in case they don't fit; I have ordered from Bluefly and returned items without a problem!
  14. Miss Marples runs a little small. I have long toes so I couldn't take my true size (toes poking out too much) and went 1/2 size up which was a little loose so I had custom made heel grips for them. HTH!