Um okay, Marc Jacobs knocked off his own LV....

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  1. Yeah, it does look strangely familiar.....:thinking:
  2. How funny!
  3. I guess he can..... it sure is cute ;)
  4. makes you remember you pay for the brand name and not always the material or design

    I like it though
  5. that looks like one of those XOXO brand purses i see all over the place, the ones that are at burlington and idk where else. hm i no likey lol
  6. weird
  7. Yup!
  8. Ewww, I think it's ugly. I'm with Louiebabee, it looks like an XOXO bag. lol
  9. he does it a lot. some of the MJ bags look very similar to the LV. one that comes to mind is the MJ Venetia which to me is a leather version of the Manhattan.
  10. Yes, MJ does copy bags for LV from his own line. The Manhattan is one of them.
  11. Probably to make it accessible to people who can't afford it. He seems pretty cool!
  12. Yuck. The knock off is rarely as good as the original...
  13. that's what it reminds me of too. kinda cute though :smile:
  14. I agree with others, I have seen a lot of his bags take certain accents from some LV bags and use them on the MBMJ bags. I was surprised when I first noticed it, but then like someone else says, I suppose he can do whatever he wants!
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