um, is it too early to be thinking about boots?

  1. just when I thought I was done loving marc jacobs shoes... out pop these boots! both look comfortable to stomp around in without sacrificing looks.

    gray boots from marc jacobs... I hope they are as as lilac-gray as they are in this picture.

    I love the shape!
  2. Dang, those are HOT!! Nope, never too early to think about boots, IMO. That's where I invest most of my shoe spending $$!! You can wear them 3 seasons of the year where I live. :yes:
  3. Nope, not too early at all! Been looking at a few myself.
  4. not at all. The best part about fall is all the fabulous boots.
  5. 0o0o0o WOW!!! i love shopping for boots!!! i dont reckon its too early to start hunting!!! after all if you get in early you'll be able to get your size and colour!!!
  6. I think I might get the cognac calf boot.. you can't go wrong with those! feel free to post any boot finds you ladies stumble upon! we can get a boot thread going.. :biggrin:
  7. I was heartily depressed reading Vogue the other day. I was sat in my garden, in a pair of shorts & a camisole, drinking cocktails & being thoroughly summery (a very rare event in the UK) then I opened the new Vogue & was faced with the A/W catwalk insider suppliment & the entire issue was jam packed with winter clothes! grr!

    Summer is short enough here without having to look at tweed, fur & boots in June! sheesh! I'd only just taken them all off a month before!:biggrin:

    But as every Fashionista worth their Manolo Blahniks knows, you have to buy your clothes at least a season in advance :sad: so no, its not too early to start looking at boots :sad:

    I've already selected & ordered the key pieces to my A/W wardrobe;

    Leopard print Manolo Blahniks

    red patent Manolo Blahniks (hopefully my fabulous Mary Janes in NY!:biggrin:)

    Tweed Hugo Boss suit

    plu others , ok so I started with shoes! :biggrin:

    I love Jacobs shoes, I've got a pair of wedges from 3 years ago that I refuse to though out! I wear them every year! They are fabulous shoes. All Jacobs creations are fabulous(with the exception of a lot of the stuff for LV in my opinion). The first boots are very impressive! Funky, but feminine, casual but classic too. Get them!:biggrin:
  8. These past weeks I have been scoping around for fall shoes, particularly boots!!! When the cooler weather hits, I want to be ready!!
  9. That's what I thought about them too. It's a boot that looks comfy but not too frumpy! :girlsigh: I think I'm going to check them out in real life first to see whether they have that lilac-sheen to them. It would be nice if it were a mauvy gray...
  10. Never too early, I've been looking like crazy for a pair of warm low heeled boots - and no uggs for me. :P I love the MJ boots! So HOT! I've been looking at several pairs of riding boots.
  11. Never!!! too early in my book-- I love boots!
  12. I like the brown pair!

    Where I live, you can wear boots over 75% of the I'm always on the lookout for nice boots!
  13. It never too early for boots.
  14. Never too early. Wait until Fall, and everything you like will be impossible to find.
  15. Omg I love the lilac-grey boots!