Um, I thought Mon Monogram didn't have color ruboff???


Jul 30, 2007
Or did I hear the SA wrong?
Today was the very first day I used my Mon Monogram Speedy, and when I got home, I noticed this. There is a small white spot on the blue stripe that looks like the color has completely rubbed off. I've tried to wipe it off with a wet cloth, but it doesn't seem like something on the surface. It really looks like the color has rubbed off to me. :sad:

I haven't called LV yet, but I'm going to in the morning. Although I'm not sure what they would or could do about it. Since the color is beneath the coating, it's not like they could repaint it, right...?

When I ordered it, the SA told me that the paint was applied directly to the canvas and under the coating, so it would not scratch or rub off. Maybe I misunderstood her?

Does anyone know of anything I can do to fix this?

I've taken some pictures, but they're not very clear...I may need to wait for sunlight in the morning.


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Feb 8, 2009
Oh no (gulp) I have already ordered mine. I too am under the impression that a coating is put on over the color to prevent rub off. Perhaps they missed a spot and can correct it for you. Please keep us posted.


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Feb 14, 2008
I think they should replace it, that is not acceptable. Do you mind posting a picture of your entire bag? I'm interested in seeing the color combo, looks pretty from the little bit that you've shown.

Ditto. UNACCEPTABLE. After only the first wear. I am so sorry to read of this and hope LV will offer a resolution.

I was just talking with my sister about placing an order for the speedy 40 mon mono...Maybe I shouldn't. :confused1:


Nov 28, 2006
I have a friend that also has a mon mono and it already has some rub off.. (she is the type of person that will not complain, and is okay with it) If I were you I would take it back ASAP!!!! I have heard that the mon mono is produced the same as MC, so it will chip and peel. The SA's will tell you anything just to sell you something. Then hope there is no problem and then if there is a problem their standard answer is "oh that is normal wear and tear"
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Jul 7, 2009
i have a mon monogram and i bang it everywhere and the paint has not came off, maybe it was that certain color you picked, im sorry =(

the SA at LV accidentailly ordered my mon monogram twice and they called me to pick up my bag again! They said it was half payed for so we explained to them we had picked it up a week ago.


Feb 15, 2008
I dont think the SAs will say anything to sell it. A lot of times they just go by whats handed down to them to say. Corporate has very poor communication with there employees I think....but, thats crappy it rubbed the first time you used it! I sure hope they will exchange for you or something.