um, i only had the BEST DAY EVER! (PICS!)

  1. so i was psyched because even though i had to get through four classes today an hour away from home, my keepall was arriving today. i love my 45, i think it is the perfect size for me. i ducked any price increases that might be coming our way as well as squeezing out of having to pay sales tax by buying on eluxury. i quickly inspected, took some pictures, and headed off to the gym in a chipper mood.

    when i get back in my car after my workout, i look at my phone and see i have a missed call and voicemail. as soon as i hear "this is .... from louis vuitton in scottsdale" i go 'oh no!' exactly what i didn't want to happen totally just happened.

    i was originally saving my money for my waitlisted damier azur speedy 25, but after hearing about price increases and unknown production progress on the azur, i decided to splurge for the keepall and pray my damier wouldn't come in for another month or so to give me time to acquire more funds to afford both.

    so the very day i get my keepall, i get a call from vuitton telling me my azur is finally, actually in. i wanted to cry, i was so mad. i didn't want to return my keepall because i love it and would have one eventually sometime before my cruise, but since it was already in my possession i would never be able to let it go. so i walked into my house tonight, sulking as my mom mentioned bags. i told her what happened and she goes, "i told you! you should have waited." dad manages to ask me how much i would need in order to get it, and i told him about $400 more. he says, "i'll lend you $200." i've still got my head down at this point because it's not enough, but a slight flicker of hope knowing my mom might just try and sneak me the extra $200. then she says, "why can't she pay you in installments?"

    needless to say...even though i will owe my dad upwards of $1400 before my cruise (for azur and my trip...) he let me put it on my credit card that he pays for! i love my daddy, he is the BEST EVER! so my damier azur speedy is departing phoenix tomorrow!! i'm SO HAPPY! 2 amazing LVs within days of one another!

    okay. haha sorry that was so long but i thought it was so ironc, but it turned out happily ever after anyway! (that is...when my speedy arrives!)

    btw, anyone know if there is a special way to attach the luggage tag? i just wanna make sure it's right if there's a particular way that's "correct".




    arial view :biggrin:

  2. So beautiful!
  3. Congrats what a special gift from your dad. :biggrin: :yes:
  4. It's lovely! Congrats to you and extra hugs to Daddy!

    By the way, love the aerial shot!
  5. o:huh:O Congrats!
  6. OH i love to have one
    this is the only bag my BF wanted one too

  7. congrats! hope you have fun on your cruise!
  8. Congrats on your new Keepall!!!
  9. Fabulous, what a wonderful day - are you going to get the luggage tag heatstamped?
  10. so beautiful!! ok I SERIOUSLY need to be adopted by some of you out there!! anyone looking for a 33 year old kid who loves LV?
  11. Congratulations--Beautiful bag! I'm contemplating buying the 45 too!
  12. what a great day! congrats!
  13. wow! what a day! stunning keepall!
  14. That is totally awesome!! Have a great time on your trip!!:yahoo:

    Are you working with the boutique in Scottsdale? We were there for New Year's Eve and thought they had the kindest staff ever! Loved Albert! Unfortunately, BF's credit card was feeling pinched, so am eagerly awaiting shopping trip tomorrow/Sunday for my 40th birthday. Girlfriend has been doing her research, thanks to PF!! You ladies inspire me!! Check out this list!

  15. That's a one great day!