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  1. Can you believe there are plenty of people out there who apparently think these bags "look similar" to a Hermes bag?!

    Could there actually be people out there who would see a bag with these proportions and clumsy overall aspect and think, "Oh look at that lady's Birkin/Kelly"?!

    eta in case you are wondering, I saw this link on another thread here at tPF
  2. Oh! My God! HOW can anyone think this is the famous Hermes Kelly bag! This is totally out of proportions and stupied looking. People must be very careful and be a wise consumer.
  3. there's some brand that makes designer inspired kellys and birkins etc (and call them kelly and birkin) and there have been whole threads on the regular bag board about how people love them and they don't see how they're knock-offs but just fab bags in their own right...
  4. I guess I'm sick! I see similarities:yes:
    Not everyone is an expert on Hermes, the shapes ARE similar to those of us who are not experts.
    These bags aren't being advertised as Kelly or Birkin though.
  5. well, personally it does look like a kelly to me, but i have put lots of time/effort/$$ into knowing the real thing and know the difference. if i were on a limited budget and want to look nice but can not afford $6000 who knows what i would buy. not everybody is lucky enough to have that much $. we should feel grateful IMO.
  6. I have zero Hermes knowledge so first glance for me...Oh thats a Hermes!! If I saw the price first I would then know it was not but just a quick glance I would say Hermes!:blush::blush: I would post in the Hermes forum before I made a huge purchse like that for sure (unless I went to the store)!
  7. if i could not afford a kelly or birkin (and um, i can't lol). i would take the money i did have and buy a gorgeous bag that was not designer inspired, kwim? i just think if you have 100 dollars then buy a gorgeous 100 dollar bag from... i don't know.... coach or something. don't buy a 100 dollar fake kelly. but that's me. there are obviously people who don't agree.
  8. I totally agree. I hate it when companies take advantage of all of the efforts of another company by copying their designs. I would much rather have a real Coach than a fake or inspired Hermès.

    But I've been this way all my life. As a pre-teen (back in the Dark Ages) I remember there was a brand of dresses called Lady Bug and I loved that brand. Well my mother bought me a look-alike brand called Lady Bird. Noooooo, no way would I wear it. I wanted the real thing only. I don't know why I felt that way and still do... it is just me.
  9. personally i hate coach but that's just MO. a marc jabobs or gucci or ferragamo bag with two straps and a buckle on the front are a thousand dollars and they're "Hermes inspired" - i buy what i want and look for good value. i would rather carry my stuff in a plastic shopping bag than carry coach though, a name means nothing to me.
  10. ITA. But many high-end designers take inspiration from Hermes and produce their own inspired versions, but at least those are truly inspired, rather than copying the exact looks.
  11. :yes::yes::yes:
  12. i wasn't saying coach because of it's name. it was the first designer i could think of with bags in the 100 dollar range. it could just as easily be a no name brand that makes fabulous bags.:hrmm: i was making a point.
  13. kallie- it's so funny you said that about the dresses. it just reminded me of when the cabbage patch kid craze was out. i DESPERATELY wanted one. well, who didn't? anyway my parents had the hardest time finding me one. my dad found someone in the complex where he lived who made one that were suppposed to look like them. well, it didn't. i won't say what it looked like but it was nothing like a cabbage patch doll. i was mortified and disappointed but i never told my dad because he went to so much trouble about trying to find me one was so sweet and he didn't know the difference- the thought he was giving his little girl just what she wanted, you know? i hated that doll my whole life but i would never get rid of it (well, now i have no idea where it is but in may still be at his house) because of the meaning behind it. i think that might have something to do with my feelings about fakes though. i think even as a kid i would have rathered not have a doll than one that was not the one i wanted.
  14. I am like that too. In my era, the Swatch BabyG watches were a huge deal. IIRC, 8 of my classmates in a class of 40 bought the real one. Then my friend asked me if I wanted a fake or not, and I just got up on my dignity and "NO. I'd rather not have it if I can't get the real thing." I was quite disgusted when she went out to get a fake one, but I didn't comment.
  15. ^ I remember the BabyG days, Lyanna Stark. :smile:

    :throwup: at those copies.