Um HELP!!!!

  1. OK, so I just won a Balenciaga bag and the seller listed that they will accept Paypal but didn't add the Paypal link ... they send me an email now with a link to a "merchant account" for me to pay by credit card ???
    I emailed and said the listing said I could pay by Paypal and the response was do I HAVE to use Paypal as the they will have to wait for the money to be put in their checking account before they can ship ????
    anyone ever type in your CC info on a supposedly secure "merchant account" ???

  2. Sounds very fishy to me.
  3. Why don't you use a virtual number--good for only one transaction?

  4. what is that?

    and she just emailed me again that I can use Paypal but she won't ship until the funds are transferred to her bank account - what is that? Once the money is complete thru Paypal why do I have to wait for my bag to be shipped???
  5. I really don't think you should have to wait, it takes somewhere between 3 and 7 days for paypal money to be transferred to another account so you could be waiting that long just for the bag to be shipped. I personally think that is completely unneccessary and I wonder why the seller is being so difficult? If you pay by paypal (which the seller said was allowed) then it shouldn't be on your time waiting for the money to be transferred, they should just send the bag straight out after the payment is received through paypal.
  6. I smell a rat! At the moment you pay through PayPal, she has the money. However, if she transfers the money to her bank account, it's possible PayPal doesn't have access to that if you would file a dispute. Proceed with extreme caution.
  7. I agree, there is no reason why the seller should be so difficult! I know that it takes 3-4 days to transfer my paypal funds to my bank account, but each bank is different. I careful!
  8. Maybe she wants you to wait until the funds are actually in her checking accnt. so that she can close her paypal acct. after she has her money and you get screwed...
    if you have a bad feeling about it, trust your gut.
  9. She may not be set up to accept credit cards through her Paypal account, so your payment to her would be received as an echeck and it takes 3-4 business days for that to clear her Paypal. BUT, if this is an expensive purchase, it will be worth the few extra days to have Paypals back-up.

  10. ditto. otherwise this may be a seller who'd been burnt by a dishonest buyer in the past and therfore is extra careful now. just go with your instinct whether to follow through with the transaction. how many feedback does the seller has? and are you 100% sure that it's an authentic Bbag?
  11. I would not make a purchase on eBay unless I used amex or another cc -- you are then protected better than paypal's protections.
  12. I would make sure to pay with a CC via Paypal if I went through with it. As a seller, Paypal marks the payment as "accepted" and adjusts my available balance so I know I can transfer it. The seller insisting that it is transfered is fishy to me. What is their feedback like? Are they a new seller?
  13. queen.... The whole reason and only reason the seller is trying to make you pay this way is because the seller does not want to pay the paypal fees which will cut into their profit. An e-check costs the seller a flat miniscule fee versus the percentage of the final value that paypal charges, which on high priced items will be $50 to $100.

    Per eBay's rules a seller can NOT exclude CC payments thru paypal if they say they accept it in the listing by either logo or writing it in the description. The only thing a seller can block from accepting thru paypal is e-checks. That means also saying in the listing they only accept echecks. It is not allowed.

    I would forward this info to the seller as this would definitely be grounds for reporting it to eBay if they are insistant about not wanting a CC payment thru paypal.

    I recently has this same thing happen, I paid immediately as I always do with my CC thru paypal. The seller emailed me and asked if she could refund my payment and if I could pay by echeck instead. Well, I had already read about this before so I knew exactly what she was doing. I responded telling her, no, that I always pay by CC (only way I feel totally protected) and that it was against ebays rules for a seller to exclude a CC payment if they accept paypal. She said she wasn't aware of that and sent the bag and everything was fine. However, I am positive she was hoping I would do it her way.
  14. She might not actually have any money to pay shipping, this could be why she will wait till its actually in her bank account, I have seen this done before. I wouls however pay via paypal and wait the few days.