Um...GRANDS FONDS? (now where IS that girl?)

  1. you have a few little somethings to show us?????????? Hmmmmm?????

    Time for a little show and tell I think........:graucho:
  2. She's busy thanking DH for her Xmas gifts.;)
  3. yup, where r u hiding K??
  4. Well how bloody long does that TAKE for Gods sake............she's gonna wear out those knee-pads if she's not careful.....
  5. LOL - I'm here, but DH is on holidays until next Tuesday, so I'm not around so tease in my avatar of one of my newbies.....
  6. She's making a vegemite sandwich for Mr. Lau!
  7. Ummmm....:wtf:

    :yahoo: :yahoo:

    More pics...pppppplllllleeeeeaaaassssseeeeee...
  8. ^^^^^............and feeding it to him! Along with peeled grapes!
  9. GF...Gorgeous!!:love:
  10. You should have sent Mr. Lau a Pink's hotdog or a burger from In-an-Out and he might have sent YOU something nice;)
  11. Holy Mackeral, GF!!!! She's a beauty!!!! And so is that scarf!!!

    Details, girl.....we want details!!!
  12. 35 Natural Chamonix Birkin with Gold Hardware (shopmom was in on this purchase - thanks D!!)...Tower of Babel Scarf on chocolate colourway (yes, another Annie Faivre scarf for my ever-expanding collection....I got QUITE a few scarves for Christmas!).

    I am LOVING the gold on gold!
  13. wow, GF your new birkin is stunning... I love the combo... gold on gold...
  14. ^WOW! I'm speechless! What a Christmas you had!
  15. Told you, GF you'd LOVE that gold on gold!!! The hardware almost GLOWS!!!!