have you seen this???

    i dont' care if you dont' like the tote, i don't care if you dont' like the stuff in it, i don't care if you hate the whole package.

    that my friends, is what they call a coach collectable!

    the first perfume! the first print! WOW! i want it! and i NEED that freakin coin purse! i NEED that towel!

    i one day want to say i have a "coach collection" and mean it! i want that! but will never get it lol... i am broke!
  2. That's a collection all right! I love the coin purse.
  3. love the bronzer!
  4. WOW!! love that coin purse.
  5. is that coin purse coming out on its own?! i love it!
  6. i don't know, i REALLY hope they dont' think they can get away with limiting the coin purse to JUST in that big tote and for ALL that money, the TOWEL? i want EVERYTHING in the bag but the hat... and NO bag. hmm.
  7. In another post they said the coin purse will be coming out in April I believe! It is way too cute, not to sell as an individual!
  8. wee! yay!
  9. I saw that today and I fell in love with the coin purse! I need that!
  10. I wonder how much the coin purse is?
  11. Nevermind, I just saw it in another post. The style number is 40518. It cannot be ordered yet because Coach hasn't gotten it in stock yet. It will be priced at $128.
  12. The coin purse is $128. Item number 40518 and comes out in April! It's so darn cute!
  13. i want the sunglasses! too cute.
  14. Yep, it's showing as not available on line now. I wanted to look at it again! LOL.
  15. ow @ price, but a definate must have!