Um, excuse me, Ms. Shopmom--what is that I see in your avatar?

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  1. That orange Hermes box looks way too big to house a scarf!!! :nuts:
  2. :angel:
  3. Yeah spill it Shopmom!! And please don't say it has to wait till X'mas <groan>
  4.'s a BIG scarf.......................
  5. I don't believe the scarf come on...hmmm, a Birkin or a Kelly??
  6. Unless Hermes started making scarves for elephants....that ain't no scarf!
  7. This thread is cracking me up!!!:lol:
  8. :wtf::nuts:

    Big scarf my azap!

    I wanna know too! What is it??
  9. ooh shopmom!! There is a new Barenia bracelet on, the étrivière bracelet!! I know you wanted that other one on
  10. LOL! Tell me shopmom, I promise not to say a word!!!
  11. Shopmom that box in you avatar houses A BAG!!!! You are so coy.
  12. I'm a Hermes newb and I *KNOW* they did not start making elephant scarves!! Maybe it is hormone infested scarf- made it grow biggg!! :roflmfao:
  13. shopmom!!!! Feeling lightheaded from need of eye candy!!!!
  14. Or maybe it's baby booties for that elephant??
  15. ....i must have been a very, very good girl this year..............