Um, do I have Bal overload? Do I need a break... pics...

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  1. Ladies (and gents), after searching for a tomato SGH Day I found one right where I live, I was so surprised! The store had it and I grabbed it and... well it looked goood you know? But it didn't do anything for me... :shrugs: Why? After rearranging my collection - selling and trading a few - I have a two Bbags and a coin purse on the way again, and I'm really looking forward to getting them, but I suddenly don't feel the need for "more", you know? Perhaps the craze is over? :confused1: I still enjoy my bags but I feel this is it, or at least till next year!

    Sooo I was already in the store and began looking around (usually it's just a dash to Bal, LOL). There are lots of gorgeous bags around! I knew I liked the Prada color gradient ones from the ads, so I asked to take a look at those... and they were so different! The leather was really really soft and beautiful too... I tried some on and one just made me go :love: - what I had expected from the tomato Day... so I got that one instead. It's a great size too, and folders/binders/laptop/etc. fits perfectly without dragging down the bottom!! So please bear with me when I present my new addition which is not a Bal :sweatdrop: but as I said, I have 2 on the way so I'll post those soon!!

    Here she is:


    slouchy soft leather:

    Modeling pic:



    Don't kill me lol!
  2. great bag! I like Prada too (esp shoes!)
  3. cOngrats on your new addition... I think most bags for me at least.. are kept through trial and error. We love the way they look, feel, but may not be the most functional bag. I've also done a bag cleansing... and soon to come .. a closet cleansing (which I've been dreading). It's out with the old (and sometimes still new!) & in with the new. cOngrats again! :flowers:
  4. Great new addition...and I can't wait to see the new Bals you have on the way!!! But I understand what you are saying....I think I did overload and now I think I am OK at least until the S/S bags start coming out!
  5. Thank you both! I hear you... and twiggers, you still have an impressive immediate wishlist! :roflmfao:
  6. s-o-f: your collection is TDF! great variety!
  7. gorgeous bag!
  8. OMG, i tried that Prada bag in the boutique and i loved it, but i'm on a ban! :crybaby:
    Congrats! You carried the bag well! :tup:
  9. Aww thank you brunette, LVobsessed and shopboy! :flowers:
    OMG shopboy you tried that one on? :nuts: You really are serious about your ban!! I couldn't resist as you can see! :blush:
  10. Oooh I didn't know they had a large version of the gradient speedy-esque bag! I actually got the small, double zipper version but returned it a couple weeks later thinking I wouldn't get much use out of it. It looks gorgeous on you, esp that size. It's nice to branch out and diversify. heehee
  11. I adore those Prada bags!! It looks fantastic on you! COngrats!! *=*

    I dont think you have Bal overload, i just think you finally have a collection you love and cherish! Surley that must be the BEST feeling ever!!!
    I cant wait until I feel like that!!

    Your collection is gorgeous! A lovely rounded and mixed collection! The best sort imo! xx
  12. wow! that bag is huge!!!

    anyway i think it's always best to buy a bag that not only catches your fancy, but also suits you when you carry it :smile: & it's always nice to have variety of pretty bags in your collection.
  13. ooh, i love prada leathers! i like the gradient color you chose..congrats!
  14. congrats!